The Latest Trend and Direction In Multiple Oregon Dispensary Laws

The Latest Trend and Direction In Multiple Oregon Dispensary Laws

There has been a lot of activity surrounding the use of marijuana and whether or not it is legal. Various states have legalized recreational marijuana, but in others, it remains an illegal substance. Apparently, in the last 30 years, both the old and the young have continued to change their attitudes about marijuana legalization. Initially, it was a taboo subject to talk about it openly, but today, it is receiving immense support.

Oregon is one of the many states benefiting from the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, it was not permissible to have it in the retail stores, meaning residents could not purchase it. Nonetheless, this has since changed because various dispensaries can sell particular products for recreational use. You don’t need to be residing in Oregon, but you must prove that you are an adult of 21 years and above. 

Nevertheless, Oregon is still seeking for more inclusion in the success of the marijuana industry. Through Democratic Sen. Floyd Prozanski, it has introduced a game-changing bill supporting the need for exportation of dried cannabis to various states. The state argues that legalizing Marijuana with a focus on social justice would benefit a majority. 

Exportation would open the Oregon industry to the thriving marijuana industry with wholesalers benefiting the most. They would have the opportunity to do business with other neighboring states that have legalized the substance such as California, Nevada, and Washington. There are hundreds of lawmakers supporting Oregon and many other states seeking to make a similar move. Civil rights groups are up in arms raising the need for greater focus on justice and equity. They have raised their voices claiming the need for reinvestment in poor and minority communities. Here, they urge state lawmakers to redo the criminal justice system, which is doing more harm to these communities. Many of them are serving unfair jail terms because they did not have someone to listen to them. They also add that social justice is equally important as it is with taxing and regulation. 

Oregon’s new bill is also likely to be of advantage to those seeking to start inexpensive small businesses, like Green Bits for example. A majority of them cannot access the required licenses. This means that they can only do business from the black market. Licensing of the sale of recreational Marijuana falls under the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLLC). As a business person, you ought to be compliant with the laws and with the right customer verification units. This is in addition to having accurate and detailed inventory audits.

And as the debate continues, it is likely that more states will present their bills pushing for legalization. It won’t be surprising if every state legalized it soon. Nonetheless, it will be fair enough to take measures from every perspective.

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