The Surplus Experts, LLC Specializes In Assisting Americans to Obtain Their Refund from Government and Other Institutions

With over 32 Billion dollars in Unclaimed Funds in the United States, Investigators and Auditors have come together with legal counsel to audit Government Entities who have these funds in order to get the funds back into the hands of unaware Americans.

One of those outstanding firms is The Surplus Experts, LLC. And all with no upfront costs to the individuals or companies owed the funds.

Many of the type funds held by these entities are the type of funds that they are able to keep due to time limits for the persons owed to claim the funds.

The Surplus Experts, LLC, based in Sacramento, California with Processing Offices in Ontario, California, is helping Americans throughout the United States obtain refunds owed to them by the Government and other institutions. With billions of dollars owed to unaware Americans, The Surplus Experts aids in locating the funds and then, in turn, locates the owner of the funds and works with them on a contingency basis all with no upfront fees from the persons due to the funds.

The Surplus Experts, LLC is comprised of private investigators, research analysts, document specialists, computer experts, and contract attorneys. With 24 years of investigative experience, the service they provide to persons owed these funds is extremely valuable as many of these unclaimed funds are kept by the government and other entities after a period of time.

If The Surplus Experts have contacted you, then you are among the fortunate ones who have funds due them and if not for this service there is a good chance you may have never known the funds existed or the statutory time may be coming up where the money will be forfeited.

The Surplus Experts only gets paid a percentage out of the proceeds from the funds collected making it indeed a win-win situation for both parties. The company spends its own money, time and resources to locate the funds and then locate the parties involved and then process all the legal documentation in order to collect the funds. 

The Surplus Experts, LLC will only reach out to unaware persons or companies if they have already located the funds during one of their audits, so if you have been contacted by them consider yourself fortunate.

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