Got Mold? Miami Mold Specialist Launches New Eco-Friendly Mold Inspection Service in South Florida

Got Mold? Miami Mold Specialist Launches New Eco-Friendly Mold Inspection Service in South Florida

Find out exactly what goes into a complete mold remediation project from start to finish. Miami mold inspection and assessments, 3rd party mold testing and mobile laboratory processing, mold removal/mold remediation, mold prevention information for tenants and renters, home owners, property owners, and property management companies throughout South Florida.

Mold inspections, mold testing, and mold remediation by Miami Mold Specialist are the best services you can find in Miami. Their inspectors are State-Licensed with the State of Florida and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of residential and commercial mold inspection and mold testing techniques.

A mold inspection or mold assessment is the first and most important tool in detecting hidden mold issues or conditions, such as previous or current moisture issues, that could be leading to hidden mold growth. Many times, there are water intrusion issues occurring that are hidden from view and can only be detected with special equipment. Miami Mold Specialist can provide a complete visual inspection of the premises to determine if there are conditions that could be leading to microbial growth. They check all walls for hidden moisture; take temperature and humidity readings throughout the property, pay close attention to the rooms with plumbing such as bathrooms, kitchens & laundry rooms, along with checking the HVAC system for visible mold growth. This will help them determine any issues occurring in order to take the next steps for resolving the problem.

There are many testing options for mold growth such as; wall cavity sampling, air sampling, carpet sampling, swab sampling of suspected visible mold growth, bulk sampling of affected material, ERMI mold testing, culturable mold samples for speciation, etc. Miami Mold Specialist will determine what type and how many samples should be taken in order to properly assess the mold infestation. The samples are sent to a certified microbiology laboratory for analysis.

After conclusion of Miami Mold Specialist’s visual mold and moisture inspection, they can then make suggestions based on their findings and usually recommend a remediation procedure. All inspections include digital photos of problem areas as well as a computer-generated report. Almost all mold testing is performed after a thorough mold inspection. This will help identify hidden mold problems, find hidden moisture or leaks, locate musty odors, or find visible mold growth.

Miami Mold Specialists are certified mold inspectors and experts in microbial investigation. They have extensive knowledge on toxic mold and black mold. In addition, they are very familiar with the Miami area and the building practices that can often be the cause of mold growth and indoor air quality issues. They also believe in providing precise information about mold, how it grows, how to prevent it and the proper ways to perform mold remediation.

At Miami Mold Specialist, they believe in fair-pricing for the work being performed. Finding out you have a mold issue can be a daunting ordeal. Miami Mold Specialist can help you gain an understanding of the extent of your mold-related issue but in a peaceful and coherent manner. They would be happy to review any competitor’s bids and provide their prices for the mold related service. Contact the mold experts today at Miami Mold Specialist.

South Florida’s Premier Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Services, and Mold Removal Service Provider – Miami Mold Specialist:

High Tech and Eco Friendly Indoor Air Quality, Mold Assessments and Environmental Consulting, 3rd Party “Conflict Free” Mold Testing, Mold Removal and Mold Remediation, Mold Prevention, Radon Testing, Water Damage Control, and Water Protection and Purification Services by Miami Mold Specialist.

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