Open Glory, Witness Miracle – New Era, New Trend, New Nodes and New Development of Hubble Chain

Sight is visible, but insight is invisible. Glory opens and witnesses miracles. In the new era, new trends, new nodes, and new developments, Hubble Chain will give you a different experience to achieve perfect user expectations.

Witness technology, cutting-edge ambition

Witness technology, cutting-edge ambition

Have you ever seen the Hubble Telescope? Advances in space science can give you a different perspective and ambition.

Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a telescope in Earth orbit, was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble.

The Hubble telescope is docked to the ground and receives instructions from the Ground Control Center, Hopkins University in Washington, DC, and transmits various observations back to Earth via radio.

Because it is located above the Earth’s atmosphere, it has the benefit which ground-based telescope don’t have: the image is not disturbed by atmospheric turbulence, the visibility is excellent, and there is no background light caused by atmospheric scattering, and can also observe ultraviolet rays absorbed by the ozone layer.

Witness technology, cutting-edge ambition. The invention of human science and technology has led to the transformation of society. The iteration of Humanities and the take-off of the economy also brought the restructuring and reconstruction of business models.

Shock is coming, Game is changing

Shock is coming, Game is changing

According to official news, Hubble Chain, the global game social public chain, has begun to expand global ecological applications and community building. They will launch Bit-Z Digital Asset Exchange soon, which will bring about new changes in blockchain games.

Founded by Hubble Foundation Fund Management Company of the United States, Hubble Chain focuses on solving the pain points of opacity, inefficiency, and centralization in the game industry with the help of new consensus mechanism and original hierarchical structure, and strives to create a full-flow diversion portal which includes six-in-one social network of block chains (live broadcasting, advertising, shopping malls, games, information, guessing) + connection + application for the global ecological layout. With new user-motivated economic model and advanced business model, effectively solve the problems of insufficient traffic and low retention rate. At the same time, integrating digital asset management, payment, financial management, and other scenarios will certainly build a new game eco-economic circle and open a new era of the blockchain game industry.

Deep excavation To discover the value

Deep excavation To discover the value

Since its launch in 1990, Hubble has become the most important instrument in astronomical history. It successfully compensates for the lack of ground observation, helps astronomers to solve many basic astronomical problems, and makes people have a better understanding of astrophysics. In addition, Hubble’s ultra-deep space field of view is the deepest and most sensitive space optical image available to astronomers currently.

Today, the rise of Hubble Chain is also a major event in the blockchain industry. Adhering to the vision of a new era of wealth sharing, Hubble Chain has gradually spread the market in China.

Hubble chain is an independent third party. Physical random number produced by Hubble chain can be verified by any method. It has high transparency and guarantees merchants’ right to know. The credibility of the merchant in the user’s mind will be greatly improved. Thus promoting the healthy development of the whole industry. Open the door to wealth in the new era of industry.

Six advantages have made Hubble Chain a success, and we look forward to sharing the prosperity with all partners:

First, fairness and transparency. That is, each player can see the rules of the game, the developer only makes rules;

Second, Instant arrival of money transfer. Using a new consensus mechanism, and can withstand millions of levels of the instantaneous trading volume;

Third, transaction rates. Millions of transactions per second, zero fees;

Fourth, high gains: Through the incentive contribution economic model (CREM) to set up multiple gains methods, to ensure that everyone gets high returns through participation;

Fifth, high-cost performance ratio. It can better develop independent applications and produce real commodity value;

Sixth, high efficiency: Many people contribute computing power, many people witness and all people cooperate with each other, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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