The Lollapalooza of Male Grooming: The Big Shave S\’west is coming to Arizona

The Lollapalooza of Male Grooming: The Big Shave S\\\'west is coming to Arizona

This April 27th, the worlds largest shaving expo comes to Chandler Arizona! Yep, you read right! In a world of endless themed conventions does one dedicated to the everyday task of shaving surprise you? Well it should, you see the aim of The Big Shave S’west is to create greater “facial awareness” around traditional forms of shaving (pun very much intended). We are not talking Dollar Shave Club, or the “one size fits all” Bic Cartridge razor variety, but good old fashion metal safety razors, straight razors, shaving brushes, and soap pucks – the stuff your grandfather used. As much as this might surprise you, this event isn’t coming out of nowhere. The Big Shave S’west celebrates its 5th year this April.

More men and women each year for the last decade have been moving back to more traditional methods of shaving, typically motivated by the high, rising costs of cartridges but also by the better, higher quality shave traditional shaving provides! Who knew? 

“It just checks off a lot of boxes for most folks once they understand what it is; better for your skin, better for your wallet and better for the planet. Making the switch is truly a no brainer!” Douglas Smythe, Co-Founder of The Big Shave and owner of Phoenix Shaving.

The Big Shave S’west is a family-friendly, all-day event hosted by The Crowne Plaza Resort located in beautiful, historic, downtown Chandler. Admission is free, and doors are open 10am-6pm. Over 20 vendors will be onsite offering anything from razors, shave soaps, aftershaves and more! Live demos will be happening throughout the day along with panel discussions by industry insiders and other shave-related entertainment, including The Big Shave Best, a traditional shave competition. If you are already familiar with the ever-growing trend of traditional shaving or just looking to learn more, this event is for you.

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When: April 27, 2019 | 10am-6pm | Free Admission

Where: The Crowne Plaza Resort 1 N San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225

Douglas Smythe was first introduced to traditional shaving as a child watching his dad shave on the weekends, fast forward to today and find him and his business, Phoenix Shaving, trailblazing on the forefront of the Traditional Wet Shaving revival we are currently seeing crop up around the world.

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