All-In-One Shower Shimmy Tool Revolutionizes Cleaning Your Shower!

Momtreprenuer creates the Shower Shimmy — the world’s first all-in-one shower cleaning tool. Now available on Kickstarter through February 17, 2015!

Do you hate cleaning your shower? You’re not alone! Research shows that cleaning the shower is the most hated household chore today. That is why mom of 4, Karla Call, developed and patented the Shower Shimmy, the ultimate shower-cleaning tool.

Unlike other products currently on the market, the Shower Shimmy is the only all-in-one cleaning tool with a squeegee, grout scrubber and soap scum sponge. Call also developed a cleaning solution that is not only green, but was tested at Microbac Laboratories and pr  oven to clean as well as the No. 1 selling non-green bathroom cleaner.

“Two years ago when cleaning my shower, I would have to gather the sponges, rags, grout scrubber, squeegee and cleaning solution to get the job done. After finishing the smelly, messy task, my clothes would be wet and my eyes and lungs would be burning.  I was fed up! I created the Shower Shimmy as the ultimate shower-cleaning tool and also a non-toxic cleaning solution that would be safe around my four kids,” says Call.

The Shower Shimmy can be hung right in the shower for easy access whenever cleanup is needed—even while showering. When the sponge and bristles wear out, they can be removed and replacement pieces can be purchased.

“Let’s face it: shower cleaning isn’t sexy or fun–unless you check out our short infomercial, which features my topless husband,” Call jokes. “But in all seriousness, I am passionate about launching the Shower Shimmy because I know the product works and makes cleaning the shower quick and easy.”

The Shower Shimmy and its cleaning solution is now being offered on Kickstarter through February 17th at incredibly low introductory pricing.  So hurry on over and get your Shower Shimmy now before they hit they are all gone.

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