Bellies Launches Kickstarter campaign for new maternity clothing line with a buyback program

On Jan 28th, Bellies launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new maternity clothing line that expecting mothers can buy, wear, return, and earn. This new clothing line features a unique proposition no other line of clothing has, a buyback program. 

“Maternity clothing is expensive since there are only a couple of mid-line brands out there,” says Dan Canfield, the founder of Bellies. “You buy the clothing, wear it for several months, and BAM you have your baby and shelve away your maternity clothing or give them to a friend after spending hundreds of dollars.”

Bellies is paving the way for expecting women by guaranteeing the buyback of each piece of clothing bought. How does this work? A pregnant women would buy her Bellies clothing online or in selected stores, then after her pregnancy she would receive a prepaid shipping label to send in her items and would receive a check, that simple.

Bellies Maternity Clothing is designed to fit comfortably and showcase your bump in a classy manner. The clothing uses a material called Rayon, a natural-based material that is made from the cellulose of wood pulp/ cotton and is one of the most versatile and economical fibers available.  

The project was thought up by a previously loved maternity store called Bellies to Babies in Minneapolis, MN ( Being one of the few resale maternity clothing store around, customers would come in and loved receiving money for their maternity clothing they thought they would have to just give away. So Bellies to Babies started experimenting with samples of their own clothing and found people loved the idea of buying new items knowing they can make money after their pregnancy. 

“We have our final samples in now and are ready for production, all we need is the down payment to get started to meet our minimum order quantity.” – Dan Canfield

The team is using Kickstarter to raise the initial capital for the first run of clothing.

“We are in full launch mode now with our kickstarter and look forward to spreading the word and bringing expecting mothers maternity clothing where they can earn money at the end of pregnancy!” – Dan Canfield

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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