Connecting thousands of trucks, What does China’s star project Goose Q (GQ) want to do?

At present, the scale of China’s logistics industry exceeds RMB 10 trillion and the number of freight vehicles is approximately 22 million. Truck drivers have long been in the original state of low-price grabs, over-loading, and fatigue driving, and major accidents occur frequently.

Taking 2016 China data as an example, the total number of trucks was 13.517 million, and there were a total of 50,400 road traffic accidents involving trucks, resulting in 25,000 deaths and 46,800 injuries, accounting for 30.5%,48.23% and 27.81%  of the total vehicle liability accidents respectively, far higher than the 7% of trucks in the total car proportion.

Goose Q uses more than 290 safe driving algorithms (such as driving situation warning, lane departure warning, collision prevention system, fatigue driving detection, etc.), social functions, team fuel saving, driving is mining, and other value-added services to enhance truck safety. At the same time, using the blockchain technology to upload the whole process of the trajectory to a super-ledger of blockchain, using the traceability characteristics of the blockchain to solve the painful points of data loss, inaccuracy and fraud in the 10 trillion tax management of China’s logistics industry.

Goose Q connects the vehicles through the “Daluka” and organizes the vehicles to fly like a geese team by algorithm. The wind turbine is broken by the head car, and the rear-end vehicles maintain the formation shape, so as to achieve the effect of saving fuel by large trucks.

In the process of processing data, Goose Q implements strong privacy protection for user data to ensure the rights of data producers. Goose Q hopes to create a distributed and credible data assurance platform for all types of enterprises and regulatory authorities in the logistics industry through blockchain technology.

The Goose Q project has received strong support and big promotion from the government, and cooperated with the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP is a data certificate entrusted by the Ministry of Communications and the State Administration of Taxation to manage the car-free carrier platform, and is subordinated to the national secondary ministry directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.), the highest authorized institution in the logistics industry.

In order to track data on a large scale, CFLP , China Unicom and The Goose Q Team jointly launched the “Daluka”, which is directed flow free for APPs related to logistic industry and the field of leisure and entertainment, providing preferential communication solutions for the logistics industry.

Daluka is the third comprehensive free-flow communication SIM card after China Unicom’s “Tencent King card “and “Alibao card”.

The Daluka services directly reduces the cost of communication for more than 30 million truck drivers and more than 50 million express delivery personnel in China.

At the same time, in order to solve the fatigue driving situation of truck drivers, the lack of safe entertainment when driving, we designed social services for the driving situation of truck drivers, live broadcast, including recording programs, live programs, group interactive live broadcast of various program forms, And the group’s preferences for truck drivers and the boutique programs organized by relevant media partners are disseminated to users through Goose Q’s software and hardware.

For truck drivers, Goose Q’s service is “WeChat on the Truck.”

The Daluka service directly reduces the cost of communication for more than 30 million truck drivers and more than 50 million express delivery personnel in China.

Goose Q blockchain is committed to being a pioneer and leader in logistics.

At present, Goose Q has signed more than 1500w orders with the cooperation units of China Federation of Materials, chuanbangbang, chezhubang, xiangpu technology, Uicar, koala FM, etc. The expected revenue has exceeded 500 million, which will probably be one of the Goose Q’s most profitable projects in the blockchain field.

The first phase of fundraising for the project has ended, and a large number of users have actively participated in it. The popularity is far more than expected, and the open quota is instantly snapped up by users.

Next, how Goose Q is going to develop, we will pay high attention to it.

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