Uselink Upgrades In Deploying Global Ecosystem

As a blockchain technology platform that combines three technologies of primary multi-asset, cross-chain and multi-chain parallel operation and decentralized exchange system, Uselink public chain has been focusing on the research and development of the underlying public chain infrastructure system in the year of 2018. After creating a decentralized community mining system consists of DPOS consensus mechanisms, highly secured TPS models, side-chain settlements, and primary multi-asset hybrid cross-chain technologies, Uselink aims to build a complete ecosystem by new blockchain technology in the coming year.

On April 17th 2019, at “The First World Blockchain Ecological Consensus Summit” which is co-sponsored by Uselink. Uselink executives announced that Uselink public chain version 2.0 has completed the main network upgrade, and gave details on the updates, which gained enthusiastic response from the audience.

In the morning, Jason appeared first, as the chief technology eco-operator of Uselink Asia Pacific, he gave a speech on the theme of the launch of Uselink version 2.0.

Jason explained to the audience in details, what was the main problems that the new version could solve, and the new features of the Uselink 2.0. The core of Uselink 2.0 is to greatly enhance the efficiency of side-chain communication, adds a variety of application scenarios, upgrades DAPP, and improves the overall public chain ecosystem through the functions of decentralized exchanges and encrypted chats combined with the wallet. The Uselink public chain version 2.0 enables the distribution and trading capabilities of primary multi-assets, and after the upgrade, the speed will be faster and more stable.

The new anchoring digital assets in the Uselink 2.0 Wallet, will be widely used in Uselink’s financial eco-investment and wealth management products in the future. The soon-will-be-launched 2.1 version of the Uselink Wallet, will support the decentralized exchange of the main network and allow free trading of the Uselink anchoring digital assets, thus will provide more efficient and valuable smart services for all users.

Jason elaborated that the upgrade of Uselink had brought Uselink ecosystem into the era of rapid development. Through the decentralized Uselink cryptoexchange, multiple Uselink ecosystems could be realized. Finally, the Uselink exchange system would drive up its market value, thus laying a solid foundation for Uselink to form a complete and benign global ecological cycle.

At noon, the deputy dean of Uselink Business School — Esson interviewed the summit speakers as a guest journalist, including renowned economist, postdoctor in economy of Peking University, Fuzhong Wang; founder of Bitangel Fund, and leader of bitcoin consensus, Hongcai Guo (Erbao); Lianjin Huang, the blockchain expert boardmember of the Chinese Institute of Electronics Committee and the founder of the nuclear chain, and other blockchain bigshots.

The summit started with presentations from blockchain academic experts in the afternoon. Deputy-dean Esson was the last to go on the stage, and he gave a brilliant speech in the theme of “the Ecological Value of Blockchain”. In addition to the content of the blockchain ecological value system, he also talked about the future development trend after the Uselink 2.0 upgrade.

Esson first summarized the situation of blockchain industry in 2018, then he made a detailed analysis of the industry from various perspectives, including national policies, market conditions, mining industry, blockchain applications, the entrance of the BATJ companies into the blockchain, cryptoexchanges, blockchain games, blockchain medias and blockchain patents etc.

Esson indicated that Uselink expected to take lead in the field of blockchain application, and break away from the shackles of crypto-currency, thus open a new era of diversified development of blockchain. Therefore, Uselink had added the encrypted chat function in the wallet of the soon-to-be-launched 2.1 version, and would launch the first ecological DAPP embedded in the Uselink wallet – a game called “I’ve got orders!”. These new features focus on the interaction and communication of the crypto-assets, among which that the chat function would make the users feel more secure and gain more privacy, by utilizing the functions of “burn after reading” and full channel encryption.

Esson’s speech was very passionate, and he was interacting with the audience throughout the whole speech. Esson also sent out gold coin souvenirs, and kept the audience’s full attention all the way until the end.

“The First World Blockchain Ecological Consensus Summit” came to a successful conclusion in the lovely tones of the famous Hong Kong male singer Sun Yaowei. The summit not only established a high degree of consensus on business cooperation in the industry, but also laid a solid strategic cooperation foundation for the success of major blockchain projects. It also enabled advanced blockchain technology and excellent business logic to collide with each other and breed the industry.

In order to move the blockchain world forward, the first driving force has to be consensus. With the support of the communities, Uselink will continue to explore and uncover the commercial value and practical application of the blockchain technology. Uselink will keep on march forward courageously with the initial goal in mind, and make a contribution in the development of the blockchain industry ecosystem!

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