Revitalizing Old Concrete Flooring with Concrete Grinding

Revitalizing Old Concrete Flooring with Concrete Grinding

The flooring of commercial businesses is one of the most important aspects of the interior of the building. These floors have to withstand everything from constant customer traffic to heavy equipment and vehicles. Concrete flooring is built to last, but the surface will occasionally need revitalization to keep it from looking dull, damaged, or out of date. With the right tools and expertise, nearly every concrete surface can be refreshed and refinished for a remodel that can immediately enliven a space.

Concrete grinding is a process by which an old concrete surface is prepared to be able to receive a new surface treatment. Although chemical profiling is a process used by many that uses acids to prepare the surface, mechanical profiling can be a much more effective method in many situations. Concrete grinding services that use this method can cover a multitude of different situations.

Evaluation and Preparation

There are many different types of old surfaces that flooring service professionals work with on a daily basis. Some surfaces are simply bare concrete that may be stained with grease and oils or dusty and damaged from wear and tear. Mechanical profiling, which uses diamond grinding and a vacuum to wear away and clean old surfaces, can remove these stains or coatings and adequately prepare the surface for a new treatment.

Some surfaces require more evaluation such as epoxy, tile, or anything applied with adhesives. It is extremely important to use sophisticated grinding and vacuuming technology to remove old surfaces and completely eradicate dust and other particles. Even small debris can prevent new surfaces from adhering properly and can even cause health problems. Visit for more information about diamond grinding and vacuum technology.

Applying the New Coating

Once the old floor has been evaluated, flooring professionals can begin to make a plan for preparing the surface. Oils, dust, and broken pieces of concrete will be removed using grinding and any old surfaces will be peeled away and the adhesive removed. After this process, the surface will be clean, rough, and ready to receive a new coating.

New coatings can be anything from concrete stains and polishes to epoxy surfaces. Depending on the type of surface that is needed along with the desired aesthetics, any of these can be great options for a floor remodel in a business. See our store location for information and advice on what is right for your business.

With the right professional assistance, preparing a concrete floor for a new surface can be an easy process. Mechanical profiling combined with sophisticated technology can take an old and dusty surface and turn it into something beautiful and long-lasting. Concrete grinding makes it possible to revitalize an old surface and change the interior of a building.

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