Shipping Companies Are Key Drivers for Canadian Businesses and The Economy, But Challenges Are Also Increasing

Exporting to an international market, especially one as fruitful as the United States, is an excellent way to expand a business, whether small or medium. Exports overall are also vital to the wellbeing of Canada’s economy, accounting for over 30% of the entire GDP in 2019.

The top 5 providers of energy products, motor vehicles and parts, consumer goods, metal and non-metallic mineral products, forestry products and building and packaging materials were at the helm of exports in 2018, creating jobs, improving living and helping business to develop and flourish. A quick glance at this list will tell anyone that the shipping industry has an indispensable role in this process as an enabler and a facilitator.

Latest key facts and figures to know

  • Trucking is driving about two-thirds of the Canadian – American trade and trucking firms are responsible for over 80% of the entire intra-provincial shipment
  • For-hire shipping companies account for at least 50% of transportation related GDP. Percentage which translates into over $153 billion
  • The shipping industry is employing at least 83,110 Canadians
  • Overcoming challenges in the international supply chain, such as regulatory and administrative ones could increase global GDP by 5% and enhance trade by at least 15%. While exact estimates regarding what this means for Canadian businesses are not available, there is a clear beneficial correlation

Why looking at the bigger picture is a must, according to experts

The shipping industry is as competitive as it is vital for economic growth. Shipping companies are racing to dominate and sign clients, however many neglect various aspects and fall short. As one of the players in the industry, Ontario Container Transport (OCT) has transformed the way they approach shipping. ‘Canada has a long history of freight shipping activities and it’s not news that the industry is overcrowded by old and new providers who are trying to get ahead. To remain competitive, a shipping company must offer more than your average services. Which is why the OCT portfolio encompasses freight shipping, moving and warehousing options, and we don’t just service the big guys. We want to ensure Canadian businesses who are at the beginning of their journey have the opportunity to expand beyond our borders and thrive in a manner that is affordable and reliable, but we’re also thinking small – people who are moving or sending goods to the U.S. Our vision is for OCT to be a one-stop-shop for all shipping needs’, an OCT spokesperson stated recently.

About Ontario Container Transport (OCT)

OCT takes great pride in providing expert handling beyond loading and unloading services. Driven by a mission to meet customer needs in the most appropriate way, the company has put in place the concept of integrated and customized supply chain solutions which allows for intermodal shipping through a range of partners while simultaneously tracking budgets, supplies and potential issues and solutions in real time. By calling 905-695-1501, anyone can receive a free and entirely personalized quote.



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