VIA by VIA design lab are the new, futuristic and revolutionary shoes made from recycled ocean plastics the world needs today

Stylish, eco-friendly, waterproof, extremely breathable and comfortable the all-new VIA launched on Kickstarter is all this and much more. Being the first of its kind, VIA, undoubtedly, is the shoe of today, the shoe of the future. As they set high standards for quality, comfort, and design, the makers of this extraordinary shoe, VIA Design Lab, aim to garner a funding goal of $10000 through their campaign.

The product is designed to be 100% waterproof and dust-proof with Nano-Tech membrane surfaces designed to keep dirt and water out while ensuring that the feet remain dry and odor-free. The all-weather shoes look not only good and exceedingly stylish but also come with an anti-microbial and shock-absorbing insole designed to perfection for weightless comfort and efficiency. The durable shoes are available, principally, in charcoal and ash, with an additional sand colored variant to be produced only if a certain funding goal is surpassed. VIA shoes offer fashion versatility to buyers who can easily convert their shoes from low-top to high-top and the other way around, based on their styling need and comfort. From office goers in search of comfortable everyday footwear to runners and hikers- VIA shoes offer product and design satisfaction for all.

Along with the breathtaking design and the ingenious technology used for VIA, what makes the shoes excessively desirable is the fact that they are designed to be environmentally relevant. The revolutionary shoe upper of the shoe is made from plastic that has been retrieved from the oceans. Each pair of VIA shoes uses up to 30 grams of recycled ocean plastics, making it a breakthrough product, likely to impress its customers not just by the product delivered but also by the subtle contribution each pair of shoes makes for the ecological benefit of the planet.

The multifunctional shoes are likely to rise as a well-favored product in the markets as they offer buyers with comfort and a chance to make a contribution towards the environment without compromising on the aesthetic charm of the design.

VIA design lab aims at creating environmentally sustainable everyday shoes by incorporating advancements in nanotechnology and the trailblazing procedure of reusing disposed plastics. With VIA, users can expect to take a fashion-forward step toward the conservation of the planet and its resources. More information on these ultra-modern shoes and the rewards offered for supporting this innovative and advanced product can be found on their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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