Traditional kanchipuram silk sarees online for this wedding season

Traditional kanchipuram silk sarees online for this wedding season
Kanjivaram silks launched traditional kanchipuram silk sarees online for this wedding season made with 3 gram gold zari. The famous traditional designs include peacocks, mango buttas, chakras.

Going back to the olden days , the kanchipuram silk sarees  were weaved with gatti border. Similarly, kanjivaram silks are making kanchipuram silk sarees online in traditional designs with gatti border. These wedding silk sarees are made with real gold and the cost can come from 40000 to one lakh rupees depending on the type of zari used and also on amount of zari used.

Wedding is considered to be one of the purest and divine occasion. A wedding brings people together. It brings a family together not only family, but it also brings hearts, joys, happiness. It is when people realize what can actually make them happy for the rest of their lives. People with different customs celebrate this wedding day differently. But the meaning of every custom remains the same in each custom which is to bring two people who love each other together and also their families and friends. People take vows together which bind them together. Wedding is actually a big day in everyone’s life and how can it not be. So obviously a person and their family would do everything to make this one day beautiful and memorable. Whether be it the decorations, the food, the dress, the venue or in the matter of fact anything that is people are going to see. Wedding is just not a big deal for the groom and the bride but is also a big deal for all the other people associated with it.

All the different religion has different customs which brings out the best in them on their wedding day. Even the costumes they wear differ in many ways. A traditional bride in India in any part of the country chooses to wear a kanchipuram silk saree on her special day. And why not, silk saree brings out the pure elegance and the shadow of all our tradition in the bride. The wedding saree wore by the brides in different parts of India still differs in a lot of ways. The silk sarees which are worn by the brides in North India differs totally from the silk sarees which are worn by the brides of South India. But even though it is different nothing else can compete with the beauty of an Indian bride in a traditional kanchipuram silk saree and the poise of the bride.

Let’s see what are the different types of sarees that are worn by the brides of India…

The classy silk brides:

Immensely famous and worn mostly in the Southern part of India these kanchipuram silk sarees portray the ancient culture of India. These kanchipuram sarees beautifully brings out the aesthetic beauty and glamour of a bride. Well, the silk saree is just not famous in the Southern part but also in the Northern part of India. The silk sarees consists of Banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, Bandhani sarees and many more which is so pleasing. Kanjivaram silks are the makers of kanchipuram silk sarees. It generally comes with the bright elegant color which enhances the beauty of the bride and also follows the custom and the tradition. It is generally woven and goes best with the heavy jewelry that the brides prefer to wear on their special day.

The Nauvari beauty:

This wedding saree is best worn by the Maharashtrian beauties. A nine yards long wedding silk saree is being draped on the bride. This just brings out the epitome of beauty in the bride. The happiness of draping a long silk saree on the bride with the golden border is just speechless. The whole idea of the Nauvari bridal saree is to symbolize the goddess Parvati in them. The wedding silk saree is worn with light jewelry and a very famous piece of jewelry of the Maharashtrian called as a Nath. It just completes the elegant look of the bride and brings out the best of culture and poise in a woman.

The simplicity of white:

Wearing white on a happy occasion has always been a topic of discussion in India. But keeping aside that part wearing white wedding silk saree on the wedding day is being followed in many states of India. Whether it be the Bengali beauties, the Gujarati brides, the Christian brides of Kerala or even in many parts of the Northeast states. The color white has not lost its importance. The color white brings out the sense of classiness and also the heavenly beauty of the Indian brides. The Gujarati and the Bengali wedding silk sarees comes with a red border which depicts the beauty of the bride and the poise of beauty they have. The white color is not faded away with the beliefs it holds in Indians and is worn in different states. The brides in Kerala wear an elegant white or cream color kanchipuram wedding silk saree which is just so aesthetically pleasing and sober. The white wedding silk sarees are generally worn with heavy or light golden jewelry which brings out its beauty even more.

The bright and the bold colors:

Every color tells a beautiful story about you. These represent the moods, the traditions, the happiness or even the sadness. An Indian bride takes a beautiful way to depict their best day through colors. Brides of India wear all the different types of colors. Whether be it yellow, or red or green everything brings out the epitome Indian beauty. The colors bring out the rituals and beliefs of people. The beliefs which the Indian are known for. Every color tells a story which makes the bride even more bold and bright. The groom also tries to match it up with the ladies but obviously, no one can compete with the beautiful Indian brides.

The intricate artwork:

Well, not everything is just about colors or the type of cloth which the brides wear on her wedding but is also about how elegant it looks. Indians are known for their intricate work. The beautiful and gorgeous artwork that you see on a wedding silk saree is all done by people. Hundreds of people work together to bring out the best in a piece of cloth. The subtle colors with the bright artwork bring the elegance and boldness of an Indian bride. Not forget to mention the unique design it contains. The more unique the artwork the more it looks beautiful.

Well, there is no comparison when it comes to Indian beauty or the beautiful and elegant bride of India. These wedding silk sarees wore by the different brides of India just can’t be compared. Everything is just beautiful in its own form and way.

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