Worldwide Market for Bean Bag Chairs Expected to Grow 1.4% over the Next 5 Years – Offering a More Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Furniture

According to the Global Bean Bag Chairs Market Forecast, there is a predicted growth of 1.4% in terms of the worldwide market for bean bag chairs over the next 5 years. Why? One main reason: they’re a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional furniture. In fact, millions of trees are cut down every day for the sole purpose of making new furniture all around the world. Since humankind started using wood to build furniture, including chairs, the global tree density has decreased over 40%. Similarly, the excessive loss of trees plays a huge role in global warming and pollution.

Deforestation is a serious problem that we, as a society, need to address. A small change like choosing a bean bag chair instead of a traditional chair makes a big difference. The outer lining of a typical bean bag chair is made of fabric while filler beads and/or memory foam is used to fill the bean bag chair. This means not a single tree is cut down to produce them! When consumers opt for bean bag chairs instead, they’re able to feel positive about their impact on the environment.

Are bean bag chairs beneficial for those with back and muscle pain?

Those who suffer from back and muscle pain often struggle to find adequate seating that doesn’t aggravate their health issues. A bean bag chair can be incredibly beneficial as they’re able to conform to the body. The shredded memory foam used to fill the bean bag chair ensures postural support that helps minimize back and muscle pain – helping the individual feel a lot more comfortable. Comfy Bean Bags, located in Toronto, ON, provides a range of bean bag chairs – from mini style to midi style to maxi style to pod style, to offer the highest level of comfort for consumers.

A Spokesperson at Comfy Bean Bags, located in Toronto, explained “Those who have back and muscle pain, particularly those who work in an environment where they have to be seated for long periods of time, benefit greatly from bean bag chairs. They’re not only comfortable, but highly versatile. You can use them as extra furniture when you have guests over, as a pet-bed for your furry friend or even as poolside furniture when you’re lounging outside.”

Are bean bag chairs durable enough to last a long time?

The durability of bean bag chairs is typically one of the biggest selling points, especially for those who have young children. They can pick them up, move them from one side of the room to another, and play with them without breaking or damaging them. They’re incredibly durable and long-lasting. Plus, there’s no need to worry about young children hurting themselves with a bean bag chair. If they fall onto it, they won’t bonk their head the way they would with a traditional wood chair. They’re also incredibly easy to clean – a fantastic bonus!

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