Your Limo Service Orlando Launches Unique Blog

Most limo companies in the United States have a very basic website. They state their price and they ask you to book a vehicle. We discovered a driving service in Central Florida called Your Limo Service Orlando that has decided to change the standards for limo companies across the country.

After researching their website I noticed that they have a blog on their website and it is different from most other limo rental services. They provided information that helps users choose the best limo service in Orlando even if it is not their company.

They recently published an articled titled “How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Limo” and of course they share their prices but what’s different is that they give the prices of some of their local Orlando limousine rental service competitors.

I asked the owner of the website Ralph Edward exactly why did they decide to share their competitions prices on their website even though some of their prices are lower, and he said that “We hope that by being open and honest we can earn their trust and people by from who they trust”.

That was a very interesting perspective. Scanning through many of their post they really provide some helpful content. They even have a detailed article that explains “How Much You Should Tip a Limo Driver“. I found this to be a really good read because I sometimes struggle on what to tip servers in different industries.

Central Florida is a tourist city and many people utilize limo rental services in Orlando. So, to have a company that provides quality information on how to choose the right limo company is great for the consumer.

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