Global Supplier of Plastic Discount Cards Now Also Accepts Orders For Loyalty Card Printing

Plastic Card Online has been supplying plastic discount cards and plastic gift cards over a decade now. The company can also offer loyalty card printing services for its clients.

Plastic loyalty cards could be an excellent way for a business to offer discounts and freebies to its retail customers, and thus encourage them for a repeat business. Plastic Card Online specializes in the printing of a wide variety of plastic cards, including loyalty cards, discount cards and gift cards. The company supplies high resolution cards at low prices and also offers free design services for a business to get a custom plastic card design at an affordable cost.

Global Supplier of Plastic Discount Cards Now Also Accepts Orders For Loyalty Card Printing

According to the spokesperson of the company, with their cost-effective loyalty card printing service, they are allowing clients to grow their business. While a loyalty card would encourage a dedicated customer to do business again and again, it will also draw the attention of the new ones. Plastic Card Online offers cheap plastic loyalty cards that can be used by a business as a verified marketing tool and can also raise its revenue. The spokesperson reveals that these loyalty cards can easily be paired with the POS software applications and one can track the growth of the business because of issuing loyalty cards to the customers. They print personalized loyalty cards in numerous formats, with the client’s logo, picture, brand message etc printed on either or both sides of the cards.

The company specializes in supplying plastic discount cards that a business can use to offer discounts to its loyal customers. Instead of using a paper core with two plastic layers on both the sides, Plastic Card Online prints solid PVC discount cards. These cards are durable and can be printed with a variety of information intact. These cards can have QR codes, bar codes or magnetic strips to track the transactions at the POS system. The spokesperson reveals that the professional designers of the company can design eye-catchy discount cards without charging any extra cost from the client. At the same time, they offer discount card printing service at a far lower price than the local print shops generally charge from their clients. These cheap discount cards are available in excellent quality and can be designed according to a client’s specific details.

Plastic Card Online is a large supplier of plastic gift cards, which often prove very helpful for a company to expand its business. As a popular means to entice customers, a business can offer gift cards to its regular customers. Plastic Card Online can supply gift cards in a pack of 100, 200, 500 and other denominations and often claim to offer 50% cheaper gift card printing service when compared to the local print shops. One can send them all details for printing on the card and can rest assured of high quality printing services. Besides, they also offer gift card holders in matching designs that can help in brand building as well.

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Plastic Card Online prints plastic cards like blank cards, membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, promotional cards, plastic business cards, hotel keycard, smart cards, gift cards, combo keytags, discount cards, fundraising cards, ID badges, travel luggage tags, promotional cards, VIP cards and far more. All these cards can be personalized with a company’s logo design or brand name and variable data like barcode, magstrip, signature panel, sequential numbers and more.

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