Fitness Trainer Dayna Deters Releases First Cookbook: Gluten-Free Momma Fit: A Healthy Gluten-Free and Fit Living Recipes

A new gluten-free cookbook is out just in time for fitness resolutions.

February 16, 2015 – Dayna Deters is the owner of Dayna Deters Determined Fitness and released her first cookbook Gluten-Free Momma Fit: A Healthy Gluten-Free and Fit Living Recipes, featuring 64 memorable gluten-free dishes.

“This cookbook lets people eat the foods they love while keeping them on track for their fitness goals,” said Deters. “It gives them an opportunity to forge healthy relationships with food and themselves.”

Deters wanted to create a cookbook with easy, healthy and delicious recipes to help people living a busy lifestyle get out of the kitchen in record time. Her gluten-free cookbook features recipes for breakfast, protein snacks, family meals and desserts.

Some of her top recipes include Pumpkin Oat Muffins, Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken, Mediterranean Turkey Sliders and an Apple Crumble Crisp.

“I wanted to create recipes that aren’t time consuming and enjoyable for the entire family,” said Deters. “The easier the recipes are, the easier it will be to integrate this healthy habit into the daily routine.”

Her cookbook is available at Create Space and her website Dayna Deters Fitness.

Deters is an online personal trainer, offering life coaching, nutritional guidance, resistance training, cardio design and online and one-on-one training. She focused her career on fitness after battling anorexia and exercise-induced bulimia.

“After my battle, I wanted to help and inspire others to achieve a healthy lifestyle,” said Deters. “It’s been an amazing experience living out my passion and creating a career.”

Deters received her Bachelor of Health Education from St. Cloud State University. In addition to being an online personal trainer, Deters is a fitness studio owner, online personal trainer, blogger, fitness model and national-level fitness competitor (placing in the Top 10 in two Fitness America Pageants).

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