Pick-up lines to win Dream Girl on a dating site!

Pick-up lines to win Dream Girl on a dating site!
We are sure, you are here to WIN! So, we would like to share with you some tricks and tips which we noticed as very working on our costumers from Premier Dating Site Step2love.com – ready to use them?

Ok, lets imagine that you find a Dream Girl on dating site, you are here not just for pan-pal but for true relations and probably, even a creating a family one day. You want to start chat but you keep on your mind that you have only one chance so:

Be funny Let’s try to say something what will make her smile or even laugh!

For example: “Hey I forgot password to my bank account. I tried to fill it but computer said that my new pass is /lady’s name/ phone number. Will you rescue me? Cause I have to check my million dollars right away lol”

Ok, well at least she will smile, we know that! And definitely she will reply at least something, so now your turn to use the situation! Hurrah!

Pay attention to details She wears a very sexy dress on the main profile picture? And you can’t wait to tell her about that! WAIT!!! Try to keep your focus on being that guy who is very different and could notice things “behind the curtains”.

For example: “Hey! I noticed you wear a cute dress on that pic. But who the hell is guy in the window of the corner shop you are standing by? I feel I know him! Is that Jim?”

Ok, she will smile (again) but also, she will like that you acted not just as average guy. Believe us, she already heard tones of words about her dress before you and will hear that tone after. But Jim (Bobby, Charles, Superman, whoever – that’s fun!)

Ask her questions Don’t be that guy who say said “Hello” and expecting the girl do all the job. Ok?

For example: “Wow you really can-do kayaking? Have you ever tried to do fishing at same time with kayaking? If you would catch a Golden Fish, what you will ask her to do for you? Do you know how to cook Golden Fish in oven in case the wishes won’t be fulfilled? Lol”

Remember, woman likes to receive attention! You want her to give you her time? Be a giver first of all! If you act right, you will get much more in return. Trust our huge experience at international online dating field. Plus, always keep that fun vibes. This will connect you two much faster. Like those chocolate sticks from the Twix bar. Could you imagine them not together? Right! Its impossible, they are stuck.

Invite her to a date Even, if it’s still online! Ok you made her smile, laugh, asked questions, wrote some funny things and now good time for setting the next date! We know, that online dating has different rules compare to real one but there is something what you might forget: woman will always prefer a guy who shows his high standards

For example: “It was a big pleasure to chat with you on step2love today, Kate! What about having a date tomorrow same time? I will bring two cups of coffee! With milk or plain for you?”

This sounds: serious, funny, cute and a-normal-type-of-guy-thing at same time! BINGO! Set the next date, come to it (yes, it’s very important thing!) and chat again!

Don’t forget to use two-ways video chat on Step2love.com to show her your smile, not just great sense of humor and your intentions in texting. We guarantee she will love that!

Remember, that no matter what you say in your pick-up lines they should be not just copied and paste but go from your heart! Sometimes it’s better to text something small and simple but very sincere rather than copying something from Internet. You will never win if you use someone’s else thoughts.

Women like when men show their humor, try to win them and act naturally. Actually, men love those things about women as well!

So why don’t we start having some fun together during online dating and live happily ever after?

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