Subpod, World’s First Modular and User-Friendly Composting System, Reaches its Crowdfunding Goal in 7 days.

The Subpod is an in-garden composting system that doubles as attractive garden seating and turns food waste into nutrient rich soil to grow food without the hard work, mess and odours of old school composting.

More than ever, the world today needs more eco-friendly technologies and organic methods to grow food. A revolutionary composting system launched on Indiegogo promises to bring the world’s first and unique method to compost waste and grow one’s own food at home or the workplace.

Subpod – The Ultimate Composting System has received a massive response from backers from over 20 countries, meeting 175% of its goal. The campaign has been extended by another 30 days, and with tooling underway, the product is on schedule to fulfill pre-orders starting mid-June 2019.

Created by Andrew Hayim De Vries, Subpod is a modular, in-garden composting system meant for individual or community use. It uses the movement of worms and microbes across the garden bed to disintegrate waste and enrich the soil, which then becomes ideal for growing nutrient-dense food.

Subpod is for waste warriors who want to reduce their waste, improve soil, and grow food, all without any vermin, smell or mess. Subpod accomplishes this by utilizing worms and microbes found naturally in the surrounding soil. Efficient and low in maintenance, Subpod is ideal for any organic waste, including lawn and garden waste, paper, or even clothing.

Using Subpod is far simpler than any other composting method. The Subpod is embedded in the veggie garden and has top vents above the ground. The system is filled with healthy worms, castings and starter material. After six days, food and other waste can be fed into the box, with an aerator tool available for mixing. The box is then left for 10 days to allow composting to take place. The ready and rich compost soil is then taken out and used in the garden.

“We have a massive vision to equip and enable 20,000 more people to start composting by the end of this year! That means 10,000 tonnes of food waste is diverted from landfill and 400+ tonnes of fresh food can be produced with that waste!” says Mr. Saadi Allan, CEO.

At a glance, composting with the help of Subpod carries the following benefits:  

  • Divert waste from landfill
  • Help cool the climate by avoiding methane emissions
  • Turn food waste into soil food to grow food
  • Stay connected to the natural systems that sustain life

The underlying message of Subpod is, ‘Feed the soil, feed the world’. The Indiegogo campaign has received funding from investors spread across 26 countries, and there is still time left for others to join and support this novel, eco-friendly product designed to conserve nature.

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