Sash & Case Windows Direct Preserve Traditional Scottish Architecture

Sash & Case Windows Direct Preserve Traditional Scottish Architecture

Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Sash & Case Windows Direct helps in restoring, repairing, and replacing sash and case windows in Edinburgh. Boasting over 25 years of experience, the company are doing their part to preserve the history and design of traditional Scottish architecture.

Sash and case windows operate on a fundamental weight and pully system. With a deep knowledge of the history of these mechanisms and their use in Scottish architectural design, the team of experts at Sash and Case Windows Direct endeavour to preserve this traditional operating system in their restoration and repair services.

As noted on their website,, one of their leading specialty services is glazing for damaged glass. Customers can choose between single glazing and double glazing. Single glazing is the most common method, but double glazing can provide extra insulation and noise reduction. They offer a variety of glass types, like security glass or toughened glass. These glazing services allow them to help clients retain the appearance and structural integrity of the original structures while also modernising them for practical use.

Their restoration services include draught proofing and shuttle or panel installation. Draught proofing can prevent air leakage and improve a home’s ability to retain heat. As for shuttles and panels, the company notes that these features were originally installed to provide insulation and protect from intense winds. Their company can restore the existing shutters and panels or install new ones that align with the time period’s aesthetic. The company share many of their tips for bringing together traditional aesthetics and modern solutions on their Twitter page at

Their team can also provide replacements that still maintain the traditional structure of the home or business establishment. Their newly manufactured sash and case windows can be matched to the client’s home with the existing architecture and style in mind. A selection of projects that they have completed can be found on their Facebook page at

For properties that are marked for conservation, the company offers a specialised architectural service that helps the teams conducting restorative work stay in compliance with local regulations.

Although Based in Edinburgh, Sash & Case Windows Direct services the whole of Scotland. Their experts can conduct repair, restoration, and replacement on projects of all sizes, whether it entails a single window, or the entire property. They are dedicated to preserving 17th century Scottish architecture as a way to pay homage to the nation’s history.

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