Acclaimed Artist and Poet Corina del Carmel Creates Breathtaking Work of Art “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento”

It is extremely rare that a literary work is created that is as magical and captivating for adults as it is for children.  The lush imagery and lyrical poetry that artist and poet Corina del Carmel has used to tell her story of a lady who journeys through magical lands in a dream world is so enchanting that readers of all ages will find themselves returning to this story again and again. “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento” is the culmination of a lifetime of aspiration and many years of hard work.

Inspired from a young age to create a story that would evoke universal love that may take the form of a loving embrace or a gentle kiss, Corina created this enchanting tale.  Children will find themselves bewitched by the imaginative dreamscapes as well as the dramatic lyrics, while adults will immensely enjoy this visionary and evocative story. “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento” is a timeless story of universal love that will resonate with readers of all ages.

“The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento” is unlike almost any other illustrated book on the market.  Corina produced the paintings which illustrate the story over several years.  These illustrations met with such critical acclaim that she was consistently urged to distribute them in catalogues, but she insisted that these beautiful illustrations should be for children and accompany the English and Spanish poetry of her book.  After years of painstaking labor, “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento” is almost ready for publication.

As with any major literary project, publication is a costly process.  In order to publish “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento”, Corina will need to raise $11,000 which will allow her to hire a graphic designer and print 1,000 copies.  To raise these funds, Corina has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Pubslush.  Backers of her campaign may receive valuable perks like PDF copies of “The Lady of the Wind/La Dama del Viento,” postcards, signed books, image prints, or a personal portrait by Corina del Carmel. 

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