After Plustoken, IBS Planet Brought Millions of Users into the Digital Assets Free Trade Area

In 2008, along with the Wall Street financial crisis, Bitcoin came into existence. After 10 years of transformation, Blockchain technology has reached a phase of application. Evolution of blockchain technology will lead users in the physical world and the Internet world into a new digital world.

2018 has witnessed the two most popular projects in the field of blockchain globally, EOS and Plustoken. In 2019, the super project UNglobal originated from the United States came into being. The “IBS Planet Digital Assets Free Trade Zone” has been built in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone of the Philippines, which really strengthens the links between the physical world and the digital world, helps more people enter the digital world, accumulates digital assets, and becomes the real game changer the digital world.

As the world’s first “Digital Assets Free Trade Area”, IBS Planet has attracted great attention from investors and enthusiasts in the global blockchain industry because of its superior geographical location, excellent investment environment and its global, base-stemmed and replicable business model. With the increasing attention, UNglobal is often compared with Plustoken in the industry.

Plustoken, a super wallet originated from S. Korea, has accumulated a large number of users in a short time, which has, as a result, led to its absolute dominance in the blockchain wallet market. With the emergence of UNglobal, there is a clear red line dropped in the blockchain wallet market. Many people said that UNglobal and Plustoken would form a “2 Leading Roles” situation.

In fact, UNglobal will not form a direct competitive relationship with Plustoken, nor will it form a so-called “2 Leading Roles” situation. The most fundamental reason is that Plustoken is positioned as a super smart wallet, while UNgolbal is positioned as an integrated blockchain application platform. Its ecosystem will include wallet, stablecoin and exchange. Its goal is to build the world’s first digital assets free trade zone, and realize a highly liberalized and intelligent ecosystem of “one coin in hand, worry-free throughout the year”.

On one hand, there are the mainstream currency speculators represented by Plustoken, whose platform currency is rising unilaterally; on the other hand, there are the new blockchain business people led by IBS Planet, who has been extending the profound meaning of the blockchain value, promoting the actual application of the blockchain, and relying on wallet payment, realizing the implementation of UNglobal from strategy to commercial ecological industry chain, with long-term, stable, sustainable and value-representative development.

Plustoken token has risen from $0.3 to $58, and for now, the momentum has slowed considerably. However, the construction of UNglobal ecosystem has just begun. In just half a year, the number of active members of UNglobal has exceeded one million. The explosion rate of members is surprising. The platform currency UNTC directly matches the standard BTC, and the current price is only US$2.2, so there is a lot of room for follow-up imagination.

IBS Planet, as a “star” in Cagayan, Philippines, links the blockchain world to the real world perfectly and helps millions of people realize their dream of wealth in the digital world. With the continuous landing of UNglobal ecosystem, it is bound to bring a new explosion to the sector in 2019, as well as a new breakout point of interest to the players of the blockchain.

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