New York IT Consultant Warns of Increased Cyber Security Threats

Roslyn, NY – Recently, there has been an increase in cybersecurity attacks which has put many companies in danger. CMIT Solutions of North Nassau, a New York based IT support company warns businesses about the increase in cybersecurity threats. Hackers are getting smarter every day, looking for vulnerable systems to penetrate and steal their vital information and data.

The motivation for cybersecurity breach can be anything from financial to industrial espionage. Whatever the reasons, a business needs to not just install cybersecurity tools and software, but also hire IT experts for protection, maintenance, management, and training.

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In 2018, more than 12 billion records were stolen due to cyber-attacks. Statistics also show that in 2019, ransomware will cost businesses and organization $11.5 billion. Cyber-attacks do not only lead to loss of revenue but also exposes vital data that could ruin a company permanently.

The truth is, cyber-attacks are increasing every day as hackers are getting smarter and finding loopholes in security infrastructures. Even small businesses today are exposed to all kinds of cybersecurity attacks due to password compromise, malware, insider attacks and so on.

Also, businesses that experience cyberattacks find themselves in a life and death situation, depending on the kind of information that has been stolen. An attack can lead to extra expenses, loss of income, a privacy lawsuit, and damage to their reputation. For this reason, every business needs to take a proactive step to secure its data and information against cybersecurity threats. It’s not just about installing software and tools, businesses need to learn about these threats, control physical access, secure Wi-Fi networks, and regularly change passwords.

In addition to that, businesses also need to work with a reputable IT support service who will offer them better security and protection. These companies have highly trained security experts with many years of experience. They’ll be able to identify weaknesses in the network structure, provide cybersecurity training, update cybersecurity defenses, detect and remediate cybersecurity issues, and serve as a crisis response team.

The cost of hiring a cybersecurity firm is always far lower than the cost of losing vital information to hackers. Cybersecurity experts offer added security and protection to ensure that a company’s data is safe and secured.

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