Stretch Atl announces the opening of a new location in Atlanta

Leading provider of convenience fitness service, Stretch ATL, opens a second location on Metropolitan Parkway

Stretch ATL has already established itself as a leading provider of convenience service to fitness enthusiasts, offering a wide range of service to the people of Atlanta. In line with the goal of the company of helping everyone and anyone in and around Atlanta live a healthy, happy life in a fit and flexible body, Stretch ATL recently opened a second location in Atlanta, Ga. Next door to Effect Fitness LLC. The Top Performing Gym In Atlanta.

Stretching is one of the most overlooked components of exercise and fitness, which ironically is also one of the most important aspects for everyone from an athlete to a couch potato and anything in between. The benefits of Stretch Therapy cannot be overemphasized and Stretch ATL is looking to drive home this point by not only raising awareness about the therapy but also making it easily accessible to every interested person.

Offering a wide range of services to clients from different parts of Atlanta, Stretch ATL has grown to become one of the most sought-after service providers in the industry. The opening of a second location by Stretch ATL is only a further reiteration of the company’s goal of promoting a healthy living, which has made it a household name when it comes to active and inactive fitness recovery in Atlanta.

Decreased acute pains, increased range of motion, increased flexibility, and faster recovery time between workouts are some of the many of benefits of stretch therapy that Stretch ATL has continuously delivered to clients with accolades coming from different quarters. “Tanya is great! she is very thorough and attentive. We have structures sessions that are essentials in assisting me to reach my fitness goals,” says Sandra W.

The categories of services offered by Stretch ATL include The All 360 Core Machine, 1:1 Stretch Therapy, and Reformer Pilates.

Stretch ATL is currently located at 2051 Main Street NW, Atlanta GA 30318, with the new office located on 2033 e Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta Ga 30315

More information about Stretch ATL and the fitness solutions offered can be found on their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

About Stretch ATL

Stretch ATL is a health and fitness services provider that focuses on helping individuals looking to increase their range of motion and decreasing specific joint pain by offering them effective stretch therapy. The Stretch therapist actively assists individuals in stretching specific muscles, allowing them to enjoy the benefits associated with stretching the different muscles of the body.

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