Bright holiday of Easter! How is it celebrated in Ukraine?

Bright holiday of Easter! How is it celebrated in Ukraine?
Unlike many countries that have already celebrated Easter Sunday on April 21st, Ukraine is just going to have the Easter on April 28th and you are more than welcomed to feel the festive atmosphere of celebration from Unique Land of the most beautiful women, the bluest sky and the perfect spring weather.

Maybe you already have a girlfriend from Ukraine or planning on getting one using Premier Dating Site in the nearest future, so you are interested in learning more about traditions and customs of this country. Finding bride in Ukraine and Russia is a huge privilege because women here are very special, family oriented and serious in their intentions. Of course, you will be happy to become a part of your lady’s family, so here is what you should be ready for if to speak about Easter holidays.

To imagine celebration in Ukrainian (or Slavic style, because Russia celebrates this Holiday on same dates), you must keep on your mind that Ukrainians call this day Velykden (The Great Day)

Easter is always a day off work in Ukraine. Special Easter services are always held in churches and many families celebrate the day with a traditional typical Easter meal. Of course, the symbol of Velykden in Ukraine and Russia is the Paskha (kind of Easter bread) and eggs painted in different colors. There is no traditional egg hunt in Slavic countries but thank to Hollywood movies people in Ukraine learned much about this cute tradition and so it gets more and more popular in some parts of Ukraine.

Traditionally people go to church with an Easter basket which is filled with pysanky (decorated eggs), Paskha, wine, cheese, water and some other food. There is a belief that food must be blessed in a Church earlier before the Sunday breakfast. Than only you can start a family meal from the blessed food. This has a deep meaning to Christians all around Ukraine and Russia and huge percentage of believers follow this old tradition strictly.

Also, you might be interested to know that there are various Easter games, including one called “Knocking”. The game involves 2 players who have 1 egg each and try to knock each other’s eggs. The first one to have their egg broken loses the game. This is something what kids love to play but also, adults enjoy playing.

Traditional breakfast and the lunch on Easter Day are the responsibility of woman in family (your fiancé, girlfriend, bride, wife). She creates the atmosphere and decorates house with flowers, painted eggs and candles. Its true blessing to be a boyfriend or husband of Slavic lady because she knows well how to treat and pamper her man, her family. She dresses up nicely and usually it’s a sexy and elegant dress, heels and bright smile which are main elements of Ukrainian beauty so well known around the world. Once in a life time every man should have a chance to try that guilty pleasure of spending a holiday together with woman from Ukraine or Russia.

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