BomShot™ Is the Latest Tool for Mobile Content Creators to Make Professional Looking Videos and Photos without Apps

BomShot™ Is the Latest Tool for Mobile Content Creators to Make Professional Looking Videos and Photos without Apps, powered by Emperor, is proud to announce a brand new product for mobile content creators called BomShot™.Content creation for the internet is one of the most powerful ways of getting people’s attention. Before now, creators have to spend a lot of money on equipment that’s not even scalable or portable.

Introducing BomShot™, a revolutionary lighting tool created for influencers, bloggers, and mobile content creators. It comes with multiple features that make it the perfect item for creating content on the go, with very little effort. Forget apps, with BomShot™ you can create live content on the go without editing.

BomShot works as a selfie light, softbox light, and party light. With 7 different LED colors and 3 light intensities to choose from, you can create unlimited content adding and reducing shadow. It offers users control over light, which is the most important issue when trying to create high-quality videos and photos.  It can be attached to almost all brands of smartphones, fixed to a tripod, or even stuck to the wall or ceiling for unique lighting effects with the included sticky pad.

After successful funding on Kickstarter, BomShot™ is now available on Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten and Already, bloggers and YouTubers are praising it as the latest technology that will change the way they create content.

The BomShot™  kit comes with all the features and accessories you need for unlimited applications, making it a must-have for any content creator, Instagrammer, YouTuber, blogger, or influencer. It’s very easy to use, as it comes with the ability to attach to smartphones, a wall or ceiling, or on a tripod. This makes it easy for creating high-quality selfies, used as a mobile SoftBox lamp, and used as a party light for the after party.

Lighting is the most important factor when it comes to creating quality videos and photographs. BomShot™ can be used to create beautiful lighting that makes every user look like a professional videographer and photographer. It is lightweight, portable, and can be used to create or reduce shadows.

Sometimes, shooting indoors and outdoors can be a problem with so many light sources that cannot be controlled. BomShot™ is equipped with the capability to create professional looking videos and photos even in the toughest conditions. When placed in a dark room, the device can instantly turn the place into a crazy party scene with two sound activated strobe light modes.

Each kit comes with a BomShot™ device, selfie clip, flexible softbox stand, gel sticky pad, charging cable, and zippered pouch. With BomShot™, creating live content on the go has never been easier.

Currently you can purchase BomShot™  on Amazon, Etsy, Raukuten or at Available soon at your favorite retailer!

Influencers Special! BomShot™ is currently offering a FREE kit to any influencer with over 50,000 subscribers. Learn more at

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