“Glam Up and Be the Boss,” says Bestselling Author Dr. Kristamarie in Her Latest Work: Glow Up Your Life

“Glam Up and Be the Boss,” says Bestselling Author Dr. Kristamarie  in Her Latest Work: Glow Up Your Life

“Glow Up Your Life by Kristamarie F. Collman, MD”
Dress to kill is the principle to follow in an age where dating and romance is on the decline, and work stress abounds on the job. Bestselling author and nationally recognized speaker, physician, and consultant, Dr. Kristamarie, wants everyone to understand how glamming up can transform perceptions and quality of life with her latest work, Glow Up Your Life.

Charlottesville, VA – April 25, 2019 – An inspirational guide for professional women on how to look and feel good no matter where they are, Glow Up Your Life: A Rx for Looking and Feeling Good From Inside Out prescribes a unique approach that breaks down the essentials of dressing up for work, a night out, or just hanging out with friends.

“Beauty starts the moment we become our true selves, and how we feel on the inside and look on the outside plays an integral role in building the confidence to exude that authenticity. This book will empower you to become the boss you were born to be,” says Dr. Kristamarie.

Glow Up Your Life will show readers how to build a wardrobe that oozes confidence. It reveals the tips and tricks to nurture self-care, and how to make use of existing apparel and garments to create a repurposed wardrobe that makes the wearer stand out. The foundation of beauty is self-care, and this book shows how to get everything right.

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Kristamarie specializes in lifestyle medicine, weight management, and nutrition. She has co-founded Young Ladies Watching, a non-profit that works with under-represented women who aim to pursue healthcare related careers. As a voice to thousands around the country, Dr. Kristamarie is popular on social media. She shares her holistic approach with professional women on how to live better lifestyles, as well as insights into healthy eating and beauty hacks.

Dr. Kristamarie holds a medical degree from the New York Medical College, after which she joined the Halifax Health Medical Center as a resident physician. She is a family medicine physician with a focus on lifestyle medicine, weight management, and nutrition. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, cooking, and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Published by Purposely Created Publishing, Glow Up Your Life: A Rx for Looking and Feeling Good From Inside Out. is now available for purchase at: www.drkristamarie.com


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