Cutting Edge Host launches censorship-free Social Networking Site

Cutting Edge Host launches censorship-free Social Networking Site
Leading innovative technology-driven solutions provider, Cutting Edge Host promotes the freedom of speech with the launch of Community ChitChat

Community ChitChat is an online “Freedom of Expression Community” designed to give social network users and users of the internet the freedom they desire. Unlike many social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook that reportedly block certain views and posts published by users, Community ChitChat does not block or censor posts from users, allowing them to express their feelings as they desire. The freedom of speech promoted by Community ChitChat as well as its other amazing features does not only put the network side by side with social media giants but actually gives it an edge over the heavyweights like Facebook and Twitter.

The internet and the emergence of social media have made communication easy and more effective, allowing millions of people from different parts of the world to interact with one another and even share their opinions on different issues via videos, images, and texts. Unfortunately, reports have revealed that many of these social networks censor the content published by users on their platform. Consequently, the goal of social media, which is to allow for seamless and unfiltered communication, is defeated. This is Community ChitChat is looking to change the narrative by promoting freedom of speech.

The Twitter-like platform is user-friendly with an easy to navigate interface that allows users from all walk of life including individuals, news organizations, and pundits of different political persuasion to easily register and share their views with the world.

Some of the unique features of the platform are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • No Spyware
  • No political biases or agendas
  • No Blocking
  • No facial recognition
  • No newsfeed or content manipulation
  • Safety and security of user information

The free social network has already started to garner traction from users across the globe and this is not surprising considering what it brings to the table – freedom. “A Freedom of Expression Community! HATE SPEECH is not FREE SPEECH!” says Carl Chandler, Developer of Community ChitChat.

More information about Community ChitChat and how to be a member of the free online community can be found here –

About Cutting Edge Host

Cutting Edge Host is a technology-driven solutions provider founded by Carl Chandler, an experienced web developer. The company recently launched a social networking site – Community ChitChat in line with its goal of promoting freedom of speech.

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