Creative Biostructure Unveils Exosome Engineering Service to Facilitate Custom Applications in Disease Treatment

New York, Apr 26th, 2019 – Creative Biostrucutre, the world’s leading products and services provider in the field of structural biology, offering insightful strategies and cost-effective services on structure determination of macromolecules, recently announces the launch of exosome engineering, comprehensive service to facilitate exosome applications. This new panel can help support exosome engineering with customized services.


Exosomes have become promising carriers for therapeutic molecular delivery due to their low immunogenicity, high biocompatibility, high drug delivery efficacy and low cytotoxicity to normal tissues, especially for cancer treatment. Exosomes naturally have an effective targeting surface portion for tumor sites. In addition, exosome engineering can help its selective accumulation at cancer sites. As a therapeutic drug delivery vehicle for cancer therapy, exosomes exhibit increased cytotoxicity and higher killing efficacy against cancer cells.


In addition to the fact that exosomes are well tolerated in vivo and naturally capable of delivering functional biomolecules, exosomes are also relatively easy to design. However, exosomes from different sources have multiple applications in exosome-based cancer treatment because they reflect the functional status of their parental cells. Therefore, it is vital to select the appropriate exosomes as a starting point before we conduct exosomes.


Based on a comprehensive portfolio of exosome engineering, Creative Biostructure offers state-of-art services to meet specific exosome application needs. The in-house scientists are capable to develop custom engineered exosomes, starting with exosomes derived from different cell lines, and making various modifications to cargo for specific cell type targeting.


The customized exosome engineering services include:


. Exosome Isolation and Purification

. Exosome Analysis and Characterization

. Exosome Applications

. Exosomes Labelling

. Exosomes Cargo Loading

. Exosomes Ligand Displaying


‘‘We are pleased to provide reliable and affordable exosome engineering services that make it easier for scientists in further study of various disease.’ said Jerry Carter, the marketing director of Creative Biostructure.


About Creative Biostructure

Creative Biostructure, specialized in offering contract services to accelerate structural biology research, as well as greatly enhanced exosome engineering service performance in various areas. Creative Biostructure has become a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience, supporting million users worldwide with in-house experts and professional technical platform.

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