3Glasses, the Leader of China’s Virtual Reality Industry, Releases the New Product, 3Glasses X1

On April 10, China’s well-known VR enterprise 3Glasses successfully held the New Product and Industrial Strategy Conference in Beijing. After 18 months of research and development, it launched a revolutionary VR product, ultrathin VR glasses, 3Glasses X1.

3Glasses X1 Suite

The VR glasses X1 weighs only 150g, approximately equal to three eggs. The ultrathin design creates a comfortable VR immersive experience like never before. Ultra-lightweight VR glasses doesn’t mean a reduced performance. The 3Glasses X1 provides a high-resolution display of 800+ PPI, enabling to see more exquisite details. Meanwhile, the refresh rate up to 90Hz, the field of view 83.6 degrees, and the response time as low as 6ms, make VR experience more comfortable and interactive. In addition, the 3Glasses X1 suite includes a streamlined wearable processing unit, 3Glasses 3Box A2, which can be comfortably put on shoulders. 3Box A2 offers an incredible solution of connection and convenience, in a way that gives freedom from heavy headset to experience the virtual reality world. Powered by the first dedicated VR platform, Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1, 3Box A2 has a small size with low power consumption. It also works with 3DOF controller to perform a quick and easy interaction.

3Glasses is China’s first company dedicated to the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, and it is also the leader in the industry. As of April 8, 2019, 3Glasses has obtained 402 patents, becoming the most innovative VR start-up in China. At the same time, 3Glasses is also the pioneer to commercialize VR in China with the offline VR experience center. In 2014, 3Glasses launched the first mass-produced VR HMD, 3Glasses D1 in Asia.

In 2018, 3Glasses made the strategic partnership with Digital Domain, a well-known creative visual effects studio and one of the largest VR experience providers in the world. The launch of consumer-grade ultrathin VR glasses X1 achieves a new milestone in the form of VR hardware. With 16 years of virtual reality technology and industry experience, 3Glasses has gradually grown into one of the first MR partners of Microsoft. Partnership with Qualcomm and BOE Group in the field of ultrathin and short TTL lens starts the business of ultrathin VR optical module to promote the VR industry. With humble heart and advanced technology, 3Glasses is fulfilling its mission, “Let everyone enjoy the benefits of Virtual Reality”.

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