Paudin – A Luxe Japanese Steel Chef Knife – Plume Luxe Changes the Way of Cooking!

By David

Cooking is art, perfect knives inspire chef’s creativity in kitchen and change the way they cook.

A knife, naturally a solid, cold and strong article, when held in the hand of a crafted chef transforms to a plume. Just as the feather floating on the breeze displays effortless movement, so does the knife in the hand of a chef.

Plume Luxe is a collection of stunning sharp Damascus chef knives produced by “Paudin”. Designed by British gourmet-Cliff Pau, combines supreme Japanese steel and beautiful bird feather pattern, the knives are sharp, delicate and rich.

The Plume Luxe had been tested by the best chef, like Harry-the Master Chef of Les 5 Chefs: “I am a chef since 35 years, I used for a few weeks, they are the best I had so far… I would like to recommend them.”

Plume Luxe are perfect tools in kitchen, suitable for both professional and home use, cut, slice and chop, to work with all kinds of foods, meat, vegetables and fruits. Made of 67 layers AU10 steel, the blade is incredible sharp and achieve 60 Rockwell hardness.  The knives balance perfect at the pinch point to make chef’s hand feel comfortable and effortless when cutting.

The Plume Luxe elegant with natural beauty in its form, the mirror polished bolsters joint with solid black and red VG10 handle embedded with 3 rivets, it is not only comfortable but also study for long time using.

The knife spine full extends to the handle under engineering science, makes chef use flexible in all purposes. The bolster curve smoothly down the hell, to protect the fingers against the blade while use the whole cutting edge. The handle ergonomically shaped and fits perfectly into your hand for best grip and protects the wrist even for long time using.

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