Mic Battleground – Groundbreaking Online Platform To Revolutionize the Music Industry

Providing A Central Location Where Artists Battle For The Title of the Best

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 16, 2015 – Smoke Rose Production has announced they are almost done developing Mic Battleground, which is the first online platform for hip-hop battles. In music history, there has never been such a unique site that creates a safe community for musicians to compete with other talented artist to see who is the best. The website is set to release summer 2015, but the site still needs more funding to finish the project. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise seed funding to make Mic Battleground a reality. The goal is to raise $30,000 by March 16th, 2015. 

Mic Battleground is a competitive battling platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Contestants simply have to make a video on their Smartphone, Tablet, or computer and upload it. They can share their music with others by posting a URL to various social media pages. Users are encouraged to spread the word and ask their fans to vote for their recording. Whoever has the most votes wins.

Currently, the site caters to hip-hop genre. However, they plan to expand to other genres to so all musicians have a chance to compete. The music community and rap battle leagues are excited for this central hub for friendly competitions. Their Facebook page has over 3,000 likes and is continue to grow. This groundbreaking concept has never been done before in the history of music. The site will allow fans to view anticipated battles as their favorite artists compete for ultimate supremacy. Not only is this entertaining, but it also provides a simple and effective way for musicians to showcase their talent to audiences around the world.

The site will have a leader board of the top musicians in each different genres and competitor’s homepage will track their wins and losses. Creators have been developing this site since September 2014. The project is almost close to completion. However, they need help from supporters within the community.  

Be part of this incredible change today by making a contribution at their Kickstarter campaign. As a thank you for the support, backers can choose from a variety of attractive rewards.

For those who cannot make a donation, please share and connect with Mic Battleground on Facebook. Spread the word and let everyone know about this incredible new website that is revolutionizing the music industry.


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Company Name: Smoked Rose Productions
Contact Person: Latee Cooley
Email: TheMicBattleground@gmail.com
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Country: United States
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