Ubom A Decentralized Marketplace For Programmatic Advertising

Social trends are changing the way users access information every day. According to estimates, the company marketing oriented data (data driven marketing), the total revenue of the online advertising market in 2018 reached more than US $ 290.85 billion. Among them, 43% belongs to google and facebook accounts to 30%, with huge revenue are defined respectively 136.22 billion US dollars and 55.83 billion US dollars.

Besides the technological advantages that online ads bring to the community, the social platform on many shortcomings. In recent years, Facebook accused of accessing and managing user information through the form of the text is not encrypted. This created a wave of anger and insecurity for users around the world in general. Furthermore, many users have to pay for various services on the platform, though they do not really bring many benefits. Information and the rights of users should be sure to optimize the potential risks.

Ubom is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. We use blockchain to connect Publishers and Advertisers and let them make direct deals using our platform. Ubom is an advertising network that allows members to earn money online at home. Members make money by watching advertisements and introducing new members. With the highest profit sharing form for its members, Ubom aims to create the largest global advertising platform.

 We are developing an open ecosystem that allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent market. Thanks to carefully aligned incentives, everyone can profit from the growth of our platform. Currently, Ubom had been in more than 130 countries in the world with a clear development goals. Ubom identified was that new users are the biggest asset of a business, satisfaction and understanding of the customers is the motto of the business.

Based on intensive research and experimental in the years from consumer opinions and the needs in reality with regard to the issues of technology, Ubom platform launches with five ecosystems. This is considered optimal ecosystem profit sharing capabilities for users up to 90% of total revenue.

Ubom Ad Network represents the 1st ecosystem. Ubom ad network is the answer to negative trends in digital marketing. Lack of transparency allows intermediaries to charge high fees. Increasing centralization gives users ability to censor unwanted content. Ubom uses blockchain to connect Publishers and Advertisers and let them make direct deals.

Ubom Social Network is the second ecosystem that Ucom wants to introduce to users. This is a new generation of networking. It is a secure and private decentralised social network for all. Ubom Social Network encrypts all data and multimedia uploads and stores it securely all over the world, making it completely decentralised. The platform is private and discourages search engines from viewing user profiles or displaying them in search results.  We also plan on allowing users to send and receive tokens through instant messages. You can use the payment gateway right on the messenger.

Ubom Payment applied the flexibility and ease of use of a credit card with blockchain technology. We are developing a payment system with the tools to meet the needs of businesses and customers. Expand your payment option and start accepting cryptocurrencies today. Add the convenience and usability of this revolutionary technology. With the payment service is managed by Ubom, businesses can easily set-up their account and start trading with their customers.

Ubom Bank is fully optimized unit operations and complex processes in the banking system, you have to go through. The objective of Ubom Bank is to help users learn how to use secure transactions possible, ways to make money and keep the local currency-foreign currency, converted traditional assets into cryptocurrency and vice versa with preferential rates Best. Ubom Bank ensure no risk to your property is kept in the bank, there is no suspicion of fraud or tax evasion.

Ubom Game

Making games is hard, harder even level is profiting from games. There is nothing better than when you just can entertain, but you can make money from the game after a long day of hard work. Ubom platform game created based on the needs and ideas of the founder, desired a gaming platform can integrate many features. Our platform game that allows you to completely keep 100% profit from the game, even exchange items and currency through the game. The platform now allows access directly computers and mobile devices. Can be played directly on the web or download applications from the market.

Ubom with clear development path, target revenue and profit sharing budget in 2020 and 2023 respectively reached 5 billion-50 billion USD and has a budget of profit sharing is 4.5 billion-45 billion dollars. Ubom desire becomes technology group has the level of revenue and the major influence in all aspects of modern life.

Ubom – You are best of Media.

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