As both the kids and adults turn to squatting on the toilet to avoid contracting germs, One Umbrella makes life easier for them through the release of their foldable toilet seat cover liner on AccessoryGeeks.com.

Toilet seats are known to carry lots of germs. Public toilets are even worse because they are used by hundreds of people everyday day thus making them carriers of millions of germs. One Umbrella, after discovering this fact sets out to design a product that would help reduce ailments associated with germs carried by children and adult from the toilet seat while offering comfort at the same time. After lots of research and then production, they decided to release their premium product-Foldable toilet seat cover liner known as One Umbrella Portable Potty for Kids and Adults on AccessoryGeeks.com.

One Umbrella Portable Potty for Kids and Adults is a clever accessory for people who want to avoid those nasty germs that lurk around the toilet seats. It acts as protection from the germs on the toilet seat and the body of the person using it. It offers complete protection, helping users avoid those nasty germs that can cause sickness.

The new toilet seat cover liner is perfect for everyday use at home, festivals and on vacation. It offers maximum toilet seat protection for travel, hospitals, restaurants, camping, hiking as well as all public restrooms. This new toilet accessory can easily be carried around, set up within seconds and perfect for both the children and adults. It is foldable, reusable with non-slip pads and comes with a carrying bag.

AccessoryGeeks.com has strived to bring you fun and unique products for your everyday life. They provide accessories to make people’s life easier, and efficient! Products for your kitchen, accessories for your car, accessories for your toilets and bathrooms and more interesting products are available on the website! The website is committed to offering only the highest quality products with smooth customer service. The website is designed to be user-friendly and to provide the customer with a smooth shopping experience that is not found anywhere else.

They say “Health is wealth”, therefore, do not hesitate to go to AccessoryGeeks.com and purchase One Umbrella Portable Potty for Kids and Adults to avoid those germs that can make you fall sick. It is available in a single and double pack with a starting price of $14.99 and $26.99 respectively.

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