Bomb: World Premier Press Conference on MGC TOKEN!

World Premier Press conference on MGC TOKEN was held at 10 am on April 26, 2019 London time. At that time, MGC TOKEN was launched! And major exchanges were on line for the global users, and the global market of MGC TOKEN was opened. Furthermore, MGC TOKEN presented a blueprint for development from 2019 to 2020 at the press conference.

The technological innovation and application landing on the blockchain industry is the core for the value growth. And the substantial economy industry can be landed contributing to MGC TOKEN. There will be more online DAPP applications gradually by MGC TOKEN in the future!

Introduction to MGC TOKEN:

MGC TOKEN is a multi-functional payment wallet developed by AONE technical team in BG-MF company based on blockchain technology, and it is also a decentralized trading platform. MGC TOKEN is committed to creating a powerful P2P ecosystem and building a decentralized business ecosystem. All walks of life will be connected by joining the digital assets with the value of physical business, aiming to create a global digital network system for token.

Background of the press conference:

As the Internet blockchain technology is rising and the technology is in progress, the growth of global virtual currency users has created an era with big data. While people are enjoying the convenience brought by technology, they are also facing many drawbacks. The past human progress in world was a centralized process, so a large number of enterprises and companies adopted a centralized operation mode. Most of the companies adopting the mode usually manage their companies relying on their own reputation, leading the inefficiency, fraud, absconding with money. However, these problems have been solved finally as the blockchain technology has arrived.

MGC TOKEN adopts the most advanced technology in the current blockchain, aiming to create a business ecosystem with decentralized and new token economy. MGC TOKEN has made a strategic plan for the overall development process of the platform, including the MGC TOKEN platform.

The content of the press conference:

1. The most important leaders attended from BG-MF & AONE.
2. 2000 medias around the world reported it.
3. Explanation for the core technology of MGC TOKEN APP.
4. Signing with exchanges on site.
5. Depicting the blueprint of MGC TOKEN in the next two years.

BG-MF Official website: https:/

MGC TOKEN Official website:

MGC Token

MGC Token is a decentralized wallet based on blockchain technology, aiming to create a globalized landing ecological chain and supply a cross-border payment way without border restrictions, including currency transaction and transfer. Furthermore, people can save money in a multi-currency way supported by MGC Token. And MGC Token can provide a secure storage environment for users by separating the traditional wallet and the virtual wallet. In addition, there will be more applications created by MGC Token.

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