Porch Publicize They Will Remaster Popular Album ‘Walking Boss’ In Vinyl

Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Project For Their Fans To Enjoy

Oakland, CA – Feb 16, 2015 – A talented band from Oakland named Porch has announced they plan to remaster their latest record ‘Walking Boss’. The album was originally released digitally October 31, 2013 and received positive responses from their loyal fans. Due to the overwhelming request to have the album released in vinyl, they have turned to crowdfunding to get the funds to make this possible. Porch has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6,200 by March 6th, 2015.

The band was formed in 1993. They regrouped in 2011 and have been self-funded and promoted since then. Porch consists of three skilled members: Guitar/Vocalist Todd Huth (founding member of Primus, Sausage), bass player Christopher Frey (formerly of Today is the Day),and drummer, Michael Jacobs. Porch is often referenced along with bands such as the Melvins, Codeine, KARP, Unwound, the Jesus Lizard and Harvey Milk.  The band’s hope is to bring their fans this recording in a physical vinyl format. Through their music, people get something that is unique and different that is unheard of in the music world.

Porch recorded ‘Walking Boss’ with Tim Green at Louder Studios, which is located in Grass Valley, CA. The process was one hundred percent analog and was recorded to 2-inch tape. They mixed it down to ½ inch and digitally released the album on October 31, 2014 on BandCamp and Tunecore. For the year 2013, this album made it on the ‘Best of 2013’ list for NoiseMag and SWQW in the rock metal category.

Currently, they are focusing on recording new material, which is due to release in 2016. They have plans to tour  the United States this year and begin touring in Europe by the year 2016. However, they have not forgotten about their fans. Lovers of the great album ‘Walking Boss’ believe it deserves a vinyl release. Porch plans to complete the analog lifecycle to remaster and press 500 180 gram vinyl copies when the campaign is successfully funded. They are turning to their fans and other music lovers to get funding for this new project.

Funds raised will go towards remastering for vinyl and digital formats as well as printing 500 count of high-quality 180 gram colored vinyl with full color cover art . The goal must be met by March 6th. If the project does not meet the goal, then it can delay the project significantly. Fans all around the world who love this incredible album will not get the chance to experience the album in vinyl.

Make a contribution today at Porch Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.

Be sure to check out the exclusive Kickstarter rewards, which the band is giving away as a thank you for the support. Backers can choose from among the many attractive perks such as free tickets to their upcoming shows, an early release of the vinyl copy of ‘Walking Boss’, limited edition cassette anthology tape sets, advance digital downloads of the remastered recording, t-shirts, and much more.

To read reviews of the album, please visit their blog.

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