Profacgen Launches Transporter Screening Service to Facilitate The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of New Classes of Therapeutics Drugs

New York, Apr 28th, 2019 – Profacgen, a leading global provider of protein service in the biological science with high-quality data and customer services, announces the launch of its transporter screening service. This new panel will assist in the discovery and development of new classes of transporter-targeted therapeutics, as well as aids researchers in adopting a transporter-conscious strategy to improve drug response and safety.


Transporters, which are a class of more than 400 membrane proteins that tightly regulate the transmembrane transport of nutrients, signaling molecules and xenobiotics, they play a key role in drug response and toxicity, leading to increased regulatory requirements for assessing transporter-mediated drug interactions (DDIs). Abnormal transporter activity results in or is associated with a variety of diseases including cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes. Therefore, the rational design of transporter targeting molecules represents a tremendous opportunity to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic agents with new mechanisms of action and improved efficacy and safety.


Transporters are a class of over 400 membrane proteins that tightly regulate cross-membrane transport of nutrients, signaling molecules, and xenobiotics. Transporters play a critical role in drug response and toxicity, which has led to an increase in regulatory requests for assessing transporter mediated drug-drug interactions (DDIs). Aberrant transporter activity leads to or is associated with a variety of diseases, including cancer, neurological disorders, and diabetes. Therefore, rational design of transporter-targeting molecules represents an enormous opportunity for developing new therapeutic and diagnostic agents with a novel mechanism of action and improved efficacy and safety. This is evidenced by an increasing number of approved and experimental drugs and diagnostic agents that act on various transporters, such as sertraline (depression), canagliflozin (diabetes), ivacaftor (cystic fibrosis), lesinurad (gout,) and 18F-FDG (cancer imaging).


‘Transporters are key regulators of many fundamental physiological pathways,’ stated Ellen Burns, Marketing director of Profacgen, ‘They are closely related to the etiology and progression of many diseases, rare and common, making transporters an attractive diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target.’


‘The lack of proper testing is a major challenge in transporter research,’ Ellen Burns added. ‘We are pleased to provide reliable and affordable screening services that make it easier for scientists in further study.”


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Profacgen, a thought leader in expanding the practicality of transporter research in a variety of areas including pharmacokinetics, toxicology, therapeutic target discovery and basic biology research. With the in-house experts and professional technical platform, Profacgen is committed to better understand complex drug delivery processes to improve drug safety and efficacy. For more information, please visit

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