“Zombie Mike” – Dark Comedy Unfolds A Story That Has Never Been Told Before

Creators Launched A Kickstarter Campaign To Turn This Into A Feature Film

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 16, 2015 – Cinematic enthusiast, Joe Cook, has developed an incredible script, “Zombie Mike”.  It is a dark comedy that has a unique plot and is new to the world of entertainment. The script recently won the Audience Choice award and was a finalist at the Bar Bones Film Festival. They have plans to move forward to turn this into a feature film. However, they need money to make this possible. Creators have announced their Kickstarter campaign to raise capital they need. The goal is to raise $223,000 by March 9th, 2015.

The story begins with the main character, Mike, who dies and wakes up as a fully functioning and thinking zombie. Audiences will join Mike as he meets others that are like him and follow his struggles of adapting to this new lifestyle. As a fresh zombie, he finds a trusted mentor, Dr. Krovok, who teaches him how to transition and adapt. Mike learns the zombie race is almost extinct. This compels him to gather as many survivors as he can to lead a counter attack against the humans. This is an entertaining and comedic tale about Mike’s adventure as he helps fight to protect the zombie race from being destroyed by humans. With such an interesting plot, “Zombie Mike” is not the typical zombie movie.

“I had a lot of offers and scripts sent to me, but ‘Zombie Mike’ was my favorite,” says Nick Santanastasso, who is a professional zombie prankster and top “Viner” with over a million followers. Santanastasso is best known for his prank on Norman Reedus from the hit TV show The Walking Dead. He will be playing one of the zombies named Griz in the movie. “This isn’t an ordinary horror film. It is a reverse horror film, which means zombies are the good guys and humans are the bad guys.”

This movie will be a great addition to the large catalog of iconic zombie movies. They will shoot in Los Angeles, CA. Audiences can get a sneak peak of the scrip by clicking here.

Zombie fanatics all over have fallen in love with the story of “Zombie Mike.” Now the crew needs help from supporters to make this a movie. All funds from the campaign will go towards production, equipment, effects, distribution, etc.

This is an all-or-nothing deal, which means if they do not raise enough money to meet the campaign goal then this delay the project. Do not wait and show support today. Share this project with friends and family about this incredible script! 

To make a contribution and choose from their exclusive Kickstarter rewards, please click here. With enough support, “Zombie Mike” can become a reality and bring something unique to the entertainment industry. 

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Company Name: Zombie Mike @ Kickstarter
Contact Person: Joe Cook
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Country: United States
Website: www.kck.st/1zul9oN