Spinal Surgery Clinic Provides Southampton Locals Access to Neurosurgery Care

Spinal Surgery Clinic Provides Southampton Locals Access to Neurosurgery Care

Basingstoke, UK – The spine is one of the most important parts of the body, as it functions like a nucleus for many other organs. Spine function is essential, but genetic predispositions or serious accidents cause many to require back surgery. With the help of the Spinal Surgery Clinic, Southampton neurosurgery is available for locals who need access to quality care.

The Spinal Surgery Clinic neurosurgery practise was created to help relieve patients of neck and back pain, including sciatica, radiculopathy, myelopathy, and syringomyelia in Southampton. While most neck and back pain can be treated with nonsurgical procedures, there are times when surgery is necessary, and finding the right doctor is essential for those suffering from spinal pain. For a spinal surgeon, Basingstoke residents can rely on locals should look towards The Spinal Surgery Clinic for help.

The Spinal Surgery Clinic has Spinal Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ali Nader-Sepahi who specialises in the treatment of; spinal cord tumors, spinal tumors, Chiari malformations and syringomyelia. With expertise in microsurgical techniques, Dr. Nader-Sepahi takes pride in providing optimum care. Each patient at the Spinal Surgery Clinic receives expert advice to help determine the best course of action for every affliction of the back, neck, or spine. On their website, http://www.spinalsurgeryclinic.co.uk/, the clinic lists more information about their team and how they advise patients with specific treatment needs.

The clinic specialises in locating tumours that can afflict the neck and back. Symptoms include increased back pain, muscle weakness, and general loss of sensation in the area. Whether a tumour is cancerous or non-cancerous, having it removed by the Spinal Surgery Clinic will help improve the patient’s quality of life. The practise offers ample expertise in removing spinal cord tumours and nerve sheath tumours, among plenty of other growths.

Many people who are afflicted with spinal injuries find that their activity level has diminished. Known as avoidance behaviour, this circumstance includes creating workarounds to avoid the pain. For example, those with lower back pain may take steps to avoid bending over. If avoidance behaviour has become a regular occurrence, it is likely time to be evaluated by a surgeon. The clinic encourages anyone suffering from these symptoms to get a personal evaluation before moving forward with treatment.

Spinal injuries can cause permanent disabilities if left untreated. It is particularly important to be aware of the symptoms of nerve damage, which can include; a feeling of numbness, weakness, or tingling. Located in Basingstoke, the Spinal Surgery Clinic welcomes new patients throughout the Southampton areas suffering from chronic back and neck pain to learn more about treatment options.

More information about the clinic and treatment options can be found at http://www.spinalsurgeryclinic.co.uk/spinal-surgeon-basingstoke.htm.

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