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The Global Spot, which is leading the new wave of global information, will be launched globally from May to June.

April 29, 2019 – “Diversified Information Pays tribute to the world.” The Global Spot, which is leading the new wave of global information, will be launched globally from May to June.

A global perspective, at a glance. Founded in 2018, Global Spot is a public information platform created by a global organization of information enthusiasts. The platform brings together the most cutting-edge news, fashion and other information, and strives to create a new era of “information +” feast.

“Convenient, intelligent and convenient, mastering the world in one hand.” In the interview, the Global Spot Operations Director revealed to reporters that Global Spot has won the expectation of users around the world with its subversive tradition. Know the world, all at Global Spot. As an information reading product that gathers wonderful news content in various fields, it provides 24-hour global hot news, headlines, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, real estate, automobile, military, education, and other fields. Let users see hot spots, some chat! Global Spot has always been pursuing the timeliness, accuracy, authenticity of the news, and is committed to becoming a global information platform with opinions and deep value, and customized for more than 4 billion netizens around the world. Information services.


“We use the world’s top technology to ensure the efficiency and stability of the APP.” For technology, Global Spot has introduced the UK’s leading communications technology team to be strong. At the same time, APP adopts the technical framework of the mainstream performance and the top technical standards and is committed to creating an original information platform based on China, radiating Asia, facing the world and influencing the world. It is understood that Global Spot can tap into interest based on its social behavior, reading behavior, geographic location, occupation, age, and so on. Automatically identify local news based on the user’s city and accurately recommend it to local residents. The information of interest can be automatically calculated and recommended according to the user’s age, gender, occupation, and other characteristics.

“The whole country has ushered in the best spring.” In the era of the nation’s fan economy, Global Spot is committed to making users worldwide become online. Under the vision of “having a sentiment, content, and innovative global information platform”, Global Spot and the famous Hollywood network in the United States give you the most cutting-edge fashion information. At the same time, the industry elites who bring together blockchain, smart technology, finance, and other sections will have face-to-face interaction and communication with everyone. We will provide real, interesting and affectionate content. In the era of massive information, users are released from information overload in accordance with the product design concept of “effective reading”.

Subvert the tradition and embrace the future. Global Spot is based on personalized recommendation engine technology, based on each user’s interests, location and other dimensions for personalized recommendations, recommendations include not only news in the narrow sense, but also music, movies, games, shopping, and other information.

In the era of change, look forward to the good. The weather vane of Global Spot’s next stop information.

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