Inschina Reached Cooperation of ZBJ about Intellectual Property Rights, Accelerating the Layout of Foreign Enterprise in China

In April 26, 2019, on the occasion of International Intellectual Property Day, the international business services platform – Inschina, reached a strategic cooperation with the ZBJ, the famous intellectual property platform of China, aiming at providing efficient and convenient enterprise services for global internationalized enterprises.

Inschina Reached Cooperation of ZBJ about Intellectual Property Rights, Accelerating the Layout of Foreign Enterprise in China

In recent years, with the increasing proportion of China in the global trade market, more and more overseas companies and brands begin to pay attention to and prepare to expand their business in China. As the Comrade Jinping Xi said in his speech at the First China International Import Expo, “China is aiming at promoting a new round of high-level opening-up and taking the initiative to open its markets to the world.”, “China has a large market of more than 1.3 billion people. It is expected that China will import more than $30 trillion in goods and $100 million in services in the next 15 years, respectively.

Inschina is exactly the business development and service support platform for enterprises all over the world provided for entry into China: it provides channels and information for the overseas enterprises to understand China before entering the Chinese market; it also provides professional one-stop enterprise services, such as enterprise registration, intellectual property rights, taxation, sharing office, IT informatization, operation promotion, integrated marketing and so on while entering the Chinese market, providing them a series of services for its rapid opening up of the market in China.

The cooperation between the Inschina and ZBJ is not only driven by the globalization of the markets, but also inspired by China’s active expansion of the import market and the creation of an international first-class business environment; the two sides will cooperate to provide excellent services for the international enterprises through platform-based, vernacularizing and information-based service mode:

First, Inschina will gather a large number of enterprise services combining the advantages of the ZBJ and provide professional full-range service support for enterprises entering into China through platform-based services; Secondly, it will provide full flow native language services based on the largest language service platform in China – Transn; Finally, it provides diversified and information-based service support through multi-application and integrated service method. Inschina has the advantage of providing business development service support platform for foreign enterprises entering China. It has also provided international business services for foreign enterprises such as Unilever, Calvin Klein and Grab previously, and accumulated rich experience in international service .

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation was held at 11 o’clock on April 26th at the ZBJ in Chongqing, China. The participants included Jin Yuan, the director of Intellectual Property Platform in ZBJ, Wei Shen, the President of Inschina and personnel in charge of relevant business, and encouraged members of the cooperation team to continuously improve their platform service mode, enhance platform service capabilities, and provide high-quality services to more international enterprises to help them to enter into China at the ceremony of cooperation.

Inschina Reached Cooperation of ZBJ about Intellectual Property Rights, Accelerating the Layout of Foreign Enterprise in China

About Inschina:

Inschina Co. Ltd has been the largest business service provider with over 14 years’ experience in China since 2005.

We has been specializing in enterprise services, including company set-up, China trademark registration, copyright registration, patent application in China, translation services, serviced offices renting, and other kinds of business services.

We has been assisting foreign companies with setting up and managing local Chinese business in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing.     

Our local Chinese experts, some of whom have more than 14 years experience in dealing with foreign companies doing business in China, are fluent in English and Chinese and specialize the disciplines you need.

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