Hu Jiaqi, the Famous Anthropologist Wrote to Human Leaders

Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist, has been studying human problems for forty years. When the English version of Saving Humanity was published in North America, he wrote The 4th Open Letter to the Leaders of Mankind, appealing that human beings must be vigilant and united as soon as possible to limit the continued development of science and technology.

Hu Jiaqi mentioned in his letter when the Chinese version of Saving Humanity was published in China in 2007, he had taken the opportunity to write to human leaders for the first time, calling for unified global action to control the development of science and technology. At that time, however, only a few people realized that the science and technology could exterminate human beings.

Just after more than ten years, science and technology have made great progress, especially the rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years, which has made more scientists realize that if we do not take action, human beings will fall into the abyss of extinction.

Hu Jiaqi, as a member of human beings, is very worried about it. So he wrote to human leaders once again, calling on that human beings must be vigilant and united as soon as possible, when Saving Humanity (English edition) was published in North America.


In this letter, Hu Jiaqi outlined some conclusions drawn from the study of human problems over the past 40 years.

I. Science and technology have the ability to exterminate human beings. It would not be long.

According to the current situation, the technologies that are likely to exterminate humans include nanotechnology, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and future technology.

II. Human beings cannot comprehensively and accurately judge the safety of science and technology.

Science and technology are uncertain. What we often thought good are also harmful, even Newton and Einstein have made great mistakes in scientific research. So it is impossible for human beings to comprehensively and accurately judge the safety of science and technology. This does not mean that all science and technology cannot be accurately judged, but there will always be science and technology that cannot be accurately judged. As long as there is a science and technology that would exterminate human beings cannot be judged and screened, it will bring the disaster of extinction to human beings.

III. Human beings cannot universally and rationally make good use of scientific and technological achievements.

It is a basic fact that human beings can not make good use of scientific and technological achievements universally and rationally. It need not be said that the most advanced scientific and technological achievements must give priority to the weapons used for killing. More importantly, it should be emphasized that there are people who do extremely bad things at all times.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi’s research results are related to the survival and happiness of all mankind. He warned at the end of the letter: the numbness of development means the numbness of crisis. Before the arrival of huge waves, the sea surface is often very calm, but the undercurrent is surging on the seafloor. When all scientific and technological researches are carried out, when all scientific and technological achievements are accepted, when all scientific and technological products are used, the devastating disaster would not be long. Hu Jiaqi appealed that we must take actions to unify all human beings for strictly restricting the development of science and technology so as to avoid the extinction of human beings.

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