BigBang Games – Reinvent The Next Big Trend In The Blockchain Gaming Industry

Envision the world dealing with outsiders without trusting them, depositing your funds securely without confiding in banks, government as you recognize it, which is honest and trustworthy.

This notional world is actually the vision of the blockchain world.

2018 is the tenth year of blockchain application and we believe the following pattern of blockchain world is gaming which is being penetrated and supported.

With the advancement of the worldwide Internet and the movement of essential equipment in cell phones, web-based gaming is continually enhanced with relentlessly improved gaming background. The worldwide gaming market is quickly emerging. By 2020, the worldwide gaming market is relied upon to achieve an impressive number- – 128.5 billion dollars.

However, with the growth of the business, the general issues in gaming industry have gradually become prominent. For example:- the gaming frameworks are independent of one another; data security is hard to ensure; users cannot depend on manipulated feedback, gaming resources are hard to acknowledge, and player rights are abused.


BigBang Games, BigBang Game Coin Token (referred to as BBGC) is managed and operated by BBGC Foundation Ltd. The headquarter of BBGC Foundation Ltd is situated in Singapore and strategically collaborates with Fulife Stable, Horsey, Rapidz, Snapper, and Abloom.

BBGC aims to break through the barriers between games, improve in-game currency transactions, create a better experience for players, and provide a better setting for game publishers.

BBGC will utilize matching encryption to provide security for user assets and data and greatly increase security. In addition, BBGC will use API block functionality to help game publishers minimize promotion cost.

• VALUE – BBGC effectively combines two ways to reduce the intermediate links and realize the value of game, technology and people, which will have a subversive impact on traditional games.

• GENERAL – BBGC is committed on breaking the barrier in centralization, achieving the connectivity of gaming ecosystem, simplifying business logic communication and incubating gaming innovation.

• SAFETY – BBGC uses RSA asymmetric encryption technology to empower the security of user’s information and assets. Thanks to distributed storage technology, we can finally protect the permanence of the existing users’ accounts.

• ECOSYSTEM – BBGC adopts a brand-new POT-B mechanism and opens its ports across API platform to build BBGC complete ecological gaming advantage.

• PROFESSIONAL – The BBGC team invites well-known experts and technical teams from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific to design, develop and implement a world class product for global players.

In 2019, the world has become so dynamic and BBGC is thriving to be the leader in the blockchain gaming platforms.


Let us brace together and be a part of bigbang run!

#bbgc games. New version 3.0 is released.

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