Dental Hygienist Services Available for Cary, NC Residents

Dental Hygienist Services Available for Cary, NC Residents

The practice of dentistry has evolved greatly over the years. And now people in need of dental care can receive treatment that is much more sophisticated than in the past. This is great news for patients who have been avoiding the dentist due to feelings of anxiety about receiving treatment.

Dealing With Fear 

The truth is that many people have anxiety about dental visits. A dental visit puts the patient in a vulnerable position, physically and emotionally. A full exam involves many invasive procedures, from the use of water picks, gum stimulators, and cameras. Along with this, a patient may be uncomfortable with being examined up close and asked about the state of their dental care. Ultimately, however, the only way to maintain a healthy mouth is to have dental exams, so most people find a way to get to their dentist.

Anxiety Over Dental Procedures

Though most people are able to get through a dental exam without feelings of anxiety, those feelings can be harder to keep under control when a more invasive procedure, (like having a cavity filled) is underway. Dealing with this anxiety is important, however, as an untreated dental problem can become several medical issues that can lead to an even greater need for care down the line. All of this is why today many dentists, like those found at, are offering relief for dental visit anxiety with sedation that eases anxiety and takes away the pain.

Use of Sedation

Today many dentists, like Dr. Elizabeth E. Rushin, DDS, are seeing the value in offering sedation via nitrous oxide. This type of sedation is fast-acting and offers a feeling of relaxation for patients undergoing painful and invasive procedures, while still keeping them awake and able to control their physical functions. Patients under sedation may float in and out of consciousness at times during treatment, and they may have periods of amnesia. Many patients who are seated in this way during dental work may remember only part of the experience, which can be a big relief for those who do have dental anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide treatments for patients have been found to be safe, and they come without any difficult side effects or feelings of having a “hangover.” The level of oxygen given to a patient will be gauged before the treatment is administered, to ensure that it is within appropriate levels. After the procedure is completed, the patient will be able to resume their regular activities within a short time. To learn more, click here.

The truth is that anxiety over dental procedures is common, but it’s one that can be easily dealt with through the safe and responsible use of dental sedation. If you are in need of dental work but are afraid of the pain and discomfort involved, consider a visit to an experienced dentist whose office offers the safe administration of dental sedation. For more information, go online to research an office near you and get ready to end your fear today.

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