You may be wondering just what the point was of going to all the trouble of creating your own website, especially if it really did take up hours of your time.

You may have created your website with the ultimate goal of selling it to a web hosting service at some point in the future. Or you may have gone to all that trouble of designing and creating your own site because your business or company required that you have one to attract customers. Some people create their own site simply for the fun of it. But regardless of your reasons, if you are asking yourself how much is my website worth, read on.

Is Now the Right Time To Sell?

You may need to ask yourself id your website worth more to you as it is, or is it the right time to sell it. The decision to sell isn’t so easy if your website has been a reliable and steady source of extra income, although it may pay you to cash out and get a lump sum if it hasn’t been performing as well as you would like.

It may be the right moment to sell your website if:

• Its potential in terms of site traffic and income has been reached.

• Your website is simply occupying too much of your time or you have got bored of it.

• You feel there are other opportunities that appeal to you more, making cashing out a more timely option.

Don’t feel pressured into selling your site; it should be something that’s done when the timing is just right and that you feel excited about.

How Much Is Your Site Worth?

It’s possible to get a feel for how much you might get if you were to sell your site, although it’s not possible to determine the exact amount that you can expect to receive.

You will need to multiply a certain figure by your annual or monthly profits to get a fairly accurate idea of what your website might be worth if it were sold. Your site’s income history, its sources of traffic and the type of site you operate will all affect this figure, and therefore the overall value of your website. The equation simplified is a factor of between 24 to 36 multiplied by your monthly revenue.

The amount your site might realistically sell for can be affected by a range of factors:

• Net Profit – After expenses have been factored into the equation, this is the monthly or yearly net profit that your site makes, and it’s much better to have as high a figure as possible.

• Long Term Profit – Steady income every month, or income that increases over time will appeal more to a buyer than income which has spikes and slumps, and a site that has been profitable consistently is much more appealing and likely to sell.

• Multiple Revenue Streams – Potential buyers may see your site as being a somewhat risky investment if you rely on only one revenue stream. You are more likely to get a higher multiple and appeal to a buyer if you are diversified across such things as affiliate products, advertising revenue and income from your own products or service.

• Multiple Traffic Streams – It’s better if you have more website traffic sources available. You can potentially earn more if you have a site relying heavily on SEO than on advertising, although revenue from only one source could stop coming in if that source disappears.

• External Factors – The overall value of a sale can be improved by such optional factors as active social media channels or a strong and effective email contact list.

• Time Needed to Run – Your site will be worth more if it requires less time to run it, rather than more. Spending an hour a day is much better than 50 plus hours a week on your website.

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