American Landowner Group (ALG) has successfully protected landowner’s financial interest, wellbeing and property rights across the USA.

Chuck Popa, American Landowner’s CEO, has seen a steady rise in the need for his company’s services due to many federal regulations being lifted in the industry. Chuck says that while it is exciting that the gas and energy boom has made the USA a major exporter of both gas and oil, it must not come at the expense of hard working people. Most notably, many of these pipelines that export natural gas from the United States, run right thru American Agricultural farm land.

American Landowner Group has the reputation of successfully fighting for these landowners and farmers right; both financially and with proper easement language that protects the taking. ALG helps consult and guide farmers, ranchers and the like, as it may be financially devastating if one’s property is not protected. In many cases, damages to the land must be properly estimated and anticipated for years in advance. At ALG, we make it a priority to have our attorneys fight for your unique land issues.

A key component to American Landowner’s success is that we have assembled a nationwide network of expert Eminent Domain Attorneys dedicated to exercising our landowner’s rights. Our nationwide network of attorneys have over a 100 years of experience in negotiating and litigating BIG Gas/Oil Companies and ensuring the landowner’s easement rights are protected. ALG considers these attorneys part of our team as they understand and align with our purpose. Having kind but fearless attorneys who are willing to listen and be available to answer all landowner’s questions is an invaluable asset and is another integral component that makes our company an industry leader.

ALG legal team and consultants have successfully consulted for commercial land, dry land, grazing land, crop land, pivots and irrigation issues, cattle ranching, craw fish farming, and rice farms to name a few.

An integral component to the strategy, and one that has proven successful, is the ALG team will fight for 26 different types of protective “amendments” to protect your land on top of routinely getting the landowner 3-10 times what the landowner typically gets from his own negotiations. In summary, ALG is routinely settling cases in which landowners bring home more money for their land and additionally ensuring their land in protected into the future.

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Our company works directly with you, the landowner, to protect your land when a pipeline is coming through your property. Our main interest is ensuring that your rights are protected. By creating a large group of landowners, we create leverage and bargaining power. Our goal is Power in Numbers! We have an entire network of attorneys on call to ensure you get any legal matters handled correctly. Landowners do not have to get “run-over” or bullied by these BIG companies. We have successfully helped many farmers, ranchers and everyday Americans gain fair compensation with safe and workable Easement Agreements. We understand that some property is unique and we fight to address those needs for you. Whether it is crop damage, pivot issues, native grass, fencing or livestock, we can assist you.

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