Toronto-based startup shattering automotive industry using AI

Innovative automotive solutions provider, Carnostic, launches the revolutionary on-board carnostic that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide drivers with the information they need, before they need it

Carnostic is looking to revolutionize the auto industry with the development of the on-board carnostic, a pocket mechanic that runs on cloud-based algorithm software, designed to educate users on the different parts and information about their cars through their smart mobiles. The company has also launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter tagged “Carnostic: Your car is talking to you. Listen,” to support the project and allow drivers and other such interested buyers be the first to get the device.

The OBC comes with a wide range of features that distinguish it from other auto diagnostic tools currently in the market, making it a pacesetter in the industry. The tool is designed with the end-user in mind as it allows practically anyone and everyone to understand their vehicle, providing the required information in simple, understandable terms and taking away the stress involved in dealing with vague lights or confusing technical definitions.

Some features of the device include the cloud-based preemptive algorithm software that collects, analyzes, and utilizes data from 600 sensors across the car to predict problems before the check engine light comes up and a Timeline & Maintenance Service Schedule. Other unique features of the diagnostic solution are Black BoxMode to provide the events leading to an accident, Expert In-App Advice, and Industry Standard Professional Diagnostics.

Pre-selling of On-Board Carnostic (OBC) on Kickstarter commenced on April 15th, 2019 and the campaign has grown in popularity on the platform, raising $7,000 in one week.

More information about On-Board Carnostic (OBC), the Kickstarter campaign, and other solutions from Carnostic can be found on their website.

About Carnostic

Carnostic is a provider of technology-driven automotive solutions designed to help car owners and drivers know more about their cars and take necessary actions to ensure the vehicle is always in peak performance. The team at Carnostic includes Rafay Khilji, the CEO and lead developer of the proprietary prognostic algorithm, Noman Shahid, the Senior Software Engineer, and Ahmed Ramirez, the Chief Design Officer at Carnostic. Other members of the team are Eman Faisal, the Chief Operations Officer, and Azhar Mohyuddin, the Chief Marketing Officer.

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