Game of Thrones won’t really be over in 2019 as Shopiscoming plans to build a world’s first Game of Thrones memorabilia theme park that will be solely designed to make the beautiful experienced gathered during the show lingered forever in the heart of the fans.

To achieve this goal, Shopiscoming is asking the numerous fans of the show to make a collection of items that can make the memorabilia a reality. You can be part of these great feet by creating a list of items you think will be valuable to the park and sending it to them for consideration before the final list will be published.

Game of Thrones fans loves the intense drama, the fantasy, and the intrigue, but it’s easy to see how irresistible it might be to walk in the footsteps of Daenerys Targaryen, the Stark’s, and Jon Snow more reason Shopiscoming needs fans items collection. To every effort imputed, there is a great reward attached. Making some cool money collecting items from the show you love so much can be very interesting.

So what might be in the forthcoming item? We’re not certain yet, but we know we’d like to see a little Dragon, and maybe some pins referencing Dany herself? With so many more to come, fans will be able to collect items in building this memorabilia to keep the Game of Thrones fires burning long past the series finale. A Lannister always pays his debts, but a Thrones fan always wants the memorabilia theme park with exception dignified with culture.

There are many reasons to be counting the days until the end of the season when we’ll finally learn who will reign on the Iron Throne. While the world has been anxiously awaiting new episodes and deep-diving into every Internet theory imaginable about Lannister, Arya, Daenerys, and her dragon children, Shopiscoming is on the lookout for fans to get Game of Thrones item collection.


So, basically, someone needs your help to make the world’s first Game of Thrones memorabilia theme park and is willing to pay. Send any of your GOT items and make the cut? Submit your items for consideration by sending them to

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