Fourth year medical student and YouTuber, Osaro Obanor, offers a blend of information, advice, and personal exercises to help students learn and plan for their pre-med success in The Pre-Med Lifestyle: An Interactive Guidebook for Navigating Life as a Pre-Medical Student

Osaro Obanor is a current medical student and YouTuber with the channel – JustOsaroMD, who continues to share her experiences along with her pursuit of a career in medicine through a highly informative and educative new project titled “The Pre-Med Lifestyle: An Interactive Guidebook For Navigating Life As A Pre-Medical Student.” The book is aimed at providing aspiring future physicians with a resource that offers a blend of information, advice, and personal exercises to help students learn and plan for their pre-med success.

With due respect to other fields, medicine is definitely not one of the easiest career paths for any individual, with the tedious journey starting from the first day of declaring pre-med. The emotional, financial, and physical resources required often lead to many people quitting along the way. Consequently, Osaro is looking to motivate pre-medical students, helping them to develop their own rhythm and find their own path to success.

The guidebook promotes a truthful and down to earth discussion of the mental, emotional, and academic development and strategy necessary to reach the coveted goal of becoming a doctor. Osaro Obanor chronicles her years of experience in mentoring pre-medical students into this practical and interactive guide that will help readers hit the ground running.

“Mentorship has been an integral part of my journey to become a doctor and I have always strived to try and find ways to make this journey a bit easier for those coming after me. Writing “The Pre-Med Lifestyle” became my passion project during medical school and my hope is that it not only helps students attain success but also touches those who may be struggling or doubting themselves along this long, hard and sometimes demotivating journey to medicine,” says Osaro Obanor.

The book is particularly unique as it guides readers to find their path to success in their own way, as opposed to many other pre-med books that box readers in with strategies that might not work for their situation or promote unrealistic expectations of the “ideal student.”

“The Pre-Med Lifestyle: An Interactive Guidebook For Navigating Life As A Premedical Student” is currently available on Amazon for parents and students interested in pursuing a career in medicine across the globe.

More information about Osaro Obanor and her works can be found on her website.

About Osaro Obanor

Osaro Obanor is a dedicated mentor, aspiring physician, and budding author. Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, Osaro completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University where she further cultivated her interests in medicine, mentorship and Global & Public Health.

She is currently working towards achieving her career goals while obtaining her medical degree in the MidWest. She is determined to care for her future patients in a humanistic manner while helping to eradicate healthcare disparities and improve the quality of urban community health.

Soon to be Dr. Obanor has also been involved with mentoring pre-medical students for the past eight years and in her free time she serves the community in a variety of aspects through her nonprofit organization, engagement with youth as a public speaker, and as a content creator on her Youtube channel, JustOsaroMD, and other social media outlets.

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