A New Foreign Exchange Platform With Safety Performance And Profitability In The World Blockchain Activities Launched by WCI

According to the debt data released by the government authorities, the average personal debt rose to around 200,000 during 2015-2019, these largest proportion of debt being carried among the young people between the ages of 25 to 35.

As in a lot of reality example and This data shows that if you don’t have a good family background then you are likely to be bent over by the house loan; if you don’t have sustained financial support, then love is a luxury item.

Many people have chosen to cash in the east wall of the credit card, to get a sigh of relief. Therefor, most of the income will be spend unwisely at the beginning of the month. Yet there’s still others choose to use money to make more money.

What items can I choose for money? Is money-making money a choice of stock investment or futures or a relatively young foreign exchange investment?

Of course, foreign exchange is the definite answer.

As in a young investment market, foreign exchange market has far exceeded the market value of stock futures, so the best investment project for making money is – foreign exchange.

So, how should we choose a formal foreign exchange platform?

First of all, you needs to have a world regulatory agency supervision platform, followed by a strong team of experts, and a platform that won the industry’s unanimous praise.

WCI platform is your best choice to explore foreign exchange market.

WCI is a Russian investment fund management company.  Founded 31 years ago, the company has been focusing on digital assets and financial derivatives investments since its inception. The professional investment field is based on encrypted digital currency transactions and other investment opportunities arising from the economic situation, including Foreign exchange, stock index and international futures and other projects.

The company’s mission is to promote the development of a world investment innovation model.

In the past 31 years, WCI has gained international recognition.

In April 2018, WCI won the first title of safety performance and profitability in the world blockchain activities.

In 2019, WCI won the first title in the foreign exchange field in China.

After China’s region business operation officially launched, WCI received enthusiastic attention from many large businesses in the industry.

In 2017, WCI invested in custody funds reached 50 million US dollars, investment profit reached 7400 US dollars, the return rate was as high as 148%, and in 2018 investment trust funds reached 80 million US dollars, investment profit reached 257.36 million US dollars, the rate of return reached 321.7% and it’s showed an increasing trend.  According to this trend, it is expected that the size of the custody funds will increase to 120 million US dollars in 2019, the return rate will exceed 400%, and the total annual revenue will reach more than 500 million US dollars.

Those who familiar with foreign exchange investments should know that foreign exchange projects will be regulated by either one of the four regulatory agencies: the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSA), the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the National Futures Association (NFA), and Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).  This, WCI belongs to the NFA institutional supervision platform.

Its safety performance has reached world-class level, and there has never been a loss of funds since its inception. WCI the platform hires its own financial experts to analyze global economic trends, statement trends, actual investment forecasts, etc. through big data.

Fund managers will make real-time projections and analysis based on international market trends so that customers can maximize profits during trading.

Since the first south east Asia region’s businessoperation has launch in China in March 2017, WCI has been adopting the development of digital conferences and offline activities. After two years of accumulation and development, members have obtained the capital preservation and profit maximization of the platform. In early 2019, WCI China official website was officially launched and in-conjunction with Online promotion activities.

Choosing the right path and a trusted platform is the biggest guarantee for investment.

With funds guaranteed and the platform supported, I believe that in the field of foreign exchange, Weijie Capital can lead us to make more money.

In WCI we can proof it with data:

WCI’s 2017 total return rate reached 145.04%, and the average monthly rate of return was 12.09%.

The 2017 data started at a good beginning. In 2018, the data is still rising and the profit is increasing.

WCI 2018 total revenue exceeded 150%, the average rate of return reached 13.24%, and became the leading platform in the foreign exchange custody industry.

Members in the platform have earned the ideal wealth in their hearts in 2018.

In the past 2019, its monthly income reached 25.86%; this data far exceeds the monthly yield of last year and the previous year.

In last year’s Moscow World Blockchain Summit, on behalf of the first-line foreign exchange platform WCI took the stage to publish the foreign exchange market and market economy trends in recent years, expressing their own views.  From the experts point of view, has pointed out that in the next few years, the market for foreign exchange will become more and more aggressive. China’s market economy will also grow larger and larger, not only to maintain the current growth model, but also creative a lot of dynamic growth in the next few years!

Lastly, Some people may ask, why should I trust WCI platform?

We truly rely on our tangible data, we are constantly expanding with hundreds of thousands of members, so we can really lead the team to make money!

The whole world is joining WCI and gain profits with WCI. This is the reason you believe!

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